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Anyone got an ELC 20% off code?

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tassisssss Mon 21-Nov-11 19:34:27

They all seem to have expired...TOYS, STAR etc

And I can't get a b'day one to work either, aaaaargh!

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SecretNutellaFix Mon 21-Nov-11 19:35:51

they won't work because there is a new 3 for 2 toy offer on.

tassisssss Mon 21-Nov-11 19:39:39

BOTHER! (not on the 3 things in my basket, typical!!)

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tassisssss Mon 21-Nov-11 19:50:24

Good outcome. The 3 for 2 will be on ALL toys (so yip the 3 things in my basket!) but is only available in store atm. Will be online from Thursday. Nice.

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willjac Fri 25-Nov-11 18:17:57

Birthday code 20% off is BC1111 - just got 20% off a leap pad !

boringnamechange Sat 26-Nov-11 22:53:47

the birthday code only works on its own - not with the 3 for 2. Good for only getting one thing tho x

2010babies Tue 29-Nov-11 13:58:26

thanks so much for this code smile
i just missed the 3 for 2 and i registered for birthday code and never recieved it. really didn't want to buy christmas presents full price when i knew there was discounts available
thanks x

millie19 Wed 30-Nov-11 14:20:10

I've got a 20% off code valid to 31 Dec 2011 which is BEEY if you spend £25 or more (hardly difficult!)

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