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Whittard 30% off , 3 for 2 and free delivery

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Lilyloo Fri 11-Nov-11 21:06:38


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mjinprechristmasfrenzy Sat 12-Nov-11 18:03:59

Message withdrawn

TapTapTapPenny Sat 12-Nov-11 18:05:08

i don't see the 30% off bit


mjinprechristmasfrenzy Sat 12-Nov-11 18:13:32

Message withdrawn

TapTapTapPenny Sat 12-Nov-11 19:05:05


ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 12-Nov-11 19:59:04

can't get the 30% to work with the 3for2

mogs0 Sat 12-Nov-11 20:55:27

Bugger. I decided not to order last night as I didn't think I really needed any of it then changed my mind today and now the offer has finished and the baskets I now really need are out of stock hmm. This often happens when I'm trying not to waste money or buy stuff I don't really need - I'll be far less sensible next time grin.

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