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Andrex Mencap Puppy

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rosiedom Fri 11-Nov-11 13:13:04

My 9 year old daughter collects the Andrex puppy soft toys that are available when you buy the toilet rolls - each pack has a code printed on the inside which you can exchange for different Andrex toys and bits and pieces. Andrex are running a promotion at the moment for a special little soft toy puppy in aid of the charity Mencap, the code needed to collect these puppies is only available on the inside of special packs of Andrex bought from the Co-op. We live a million miles from a Co-op store and i was just wondering if anyone had a packet with a special code that they aren't going to use and would be willing to share?

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pixiebob Mon 14-Nov-11 14:29:00

i am also looking for this code i e-mailed andrex and all they could tell me was the coop were doing this promotion but having visited my nearest coop without success i am desperate for a token as you are

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