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John Lewis up to 25% off for 2 days only

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katy1katy Thu 29-Sep-11 11:59:01

Message deleted

Nevertooearlyforcake Thu 29-Sep-11 12:15:57

Not everything! HoF just started stocking Little Joule and have discounted it, not so JL. John Lewis have bigger range so was hoping they'd be including it!

SheWhoMustNotBeFlamed Thu 29-Sep-11 21:00:30

They have taken a further 25% off some sale items though, not just full priced ones - Phase 8 for example, so it is well worth buying from JL rather than the P8 website.

ColdSancerre Thu 29-Sep-11 21:01:41

Are they doing this inshore too do you know?

ColdSancerre Thu 29-Sep-11 21:02:01

Instore. F'ing iPad.

SheWhoMustNotBeFlamed Fri 30-Sep-11 10:43:47

No idea, I'm afraid.

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