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Does anyone have a Figleaves free delivery code, please?

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SevenAgainstThebes Sat 24-Sep-11 11:07:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Sat 24-Sep-11 20:38:58

I have a 20% off Fantasie and Freya - promo code EXCLUSIVE
Not sure if that is any use at all?

I had a free delivery code - DELIVERY - but think that has run out sorry.

SevenAgainstThebes Sun 25-Sep-11 16:07:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NhameCage Tue 27-Sep-11 20:48:04

I just used the 15% off code and it worked, try the 10% if it doesn't work.

FIGCODE15 gives 15% off, expires 13th Sept 2011.

FIGVC10 gives 10% off, expires 31st Dec 2011.

LucyEyelesbarrow Wed 28-Sep-11 20:16:51

I've been sent the code TWENTY for 20% off, valid until 3rd October.

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