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Personalised 13 photo calendar for less than £5

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CroissantNeuf Thu 22-Sep-11 14:21:42

I've just ordered one for my Mum for Xmas (I don't normally Xmas shop this early but being in plaster means I'm discovering the joys of early Xmas shopping!!)

You choose 13 personal photos (1 is for the cover)

Anyway its to be found at:

It costs 99p but the basic P&P is £3something so it comes in at getting on for £5 which I think seems good for one of these. You can only get 1 at that price though.

They also had an offer for a 99p T-shirt with photo on

happywheezer Thu 22-Sep-11 21:43:42

Can I add the "free" personalised xmas cards. With delivery it came to about £4 for 10, which if you just send these to family and friends is not bad.
I ordered some personalised diaries too.
And they take paypal.

sleepdodger Tue 27-Sep-11 17:57:10

theyre good - just note they come from amsterdam I thin so if you opt for standard post takes about 21 days - fine so long as you check!

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