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Can anyone help find the cheapest PLAYMOBIL 425O: Princess castle?

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groak Sun 18-Sep-11 20:01:08

You know, the gaudy pink while and gold hideous eighties wedding cake themed monstrosity. That since Christmas last year whenever dd has looked at the little booklet she finds in the box, she looks at the princess castle page and sighs at it adoringly. Bless, she has never asked for it, just tells me that it is the mst beautiful playmobild (that's dd's pronunciation btw!) ever and 'mummy that is really really pretty). So, I shall, if cheap enough somewher, blow her mind and make it a fantastic christmas and buy and get santa's elves to helpfully pre-build the bloody awful looking thing.

The cheapest I've seen is £88. It never comes up in teh damaged box sale and ebay has one weighing in used at £70+ pound so think should just buy wisely as new. Can anyone recommend anywhere that has offers on where t might be a tad cheaper?


Thefoxsbrush Sun 18-Sep-11 20:16:26 £83.97

pickcherries Mon 19-Sep-11 08:45:08

How about getting a similar alternative... theres loads on amazon for a fraction of the price!

NormanTheForeman Mon 19-Sep-11 08:49:29

Buyforlessonline also has it at £83.97, but don't know what the postage would be.

Would recommend pre-building it if you don't have much Playmo construction experience. Allow several hours. Or invite us round - we can knock up a Playmo building quite quickly these days, as we have a vast amount of experience wink.

Lucky13 Mon 19-Sep-11 17:21:35

The jacinabox link actually works out at £67.18 - they are having a sale at the moment - if you click on the sale link and type Jacinabox Launch into the promo code box
Hope that helps

groak Sat 24-Sep-11 19:24:24

TheFoxBrucha dn Lucky13, thanks to youre combined efforts I've bought it for anout £73 inc delivery, and it arrived yesterday! Thanks everyone who's posted, that's one of teh main christmas presents sorted out.

The box does confirm it truly is a hideous monster of a castle.

Normans, we started with teh schol last year, luckily my sil is a playmobil expert and had said that under no circumstance should we put in up on christmas day, (dd is 4, she has nooo patience!) so we set it up last yearafew days before, hid it and wrapped the empty box. I thought dh was going to throw t down the stairs 3 hours in grin

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