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Spotted a photo printing offer on moneysaving website

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jens123 Sun 04-Sep-11 19:24:48

I Just joined this site today at the reccomendation of a friend, so I thought I would make a post of something I spotted.
I noticed today on moneysaving website an offer for anyone wanting cheap photo printing online, I use a few companies as I love taking pics and when my new arrival comes I am sure I will spend loads on photos!

Anyway this is the thread that I have copied and pasted:

I use Max Spielmann now and I noticed that they have taken over Klick and have an offer of 10% off all products ordered on the max site. But not only that they have the wrong pricing shown on their website making them one of the ceapest but best quality sites I have used.

These are the prices I discovered at checkout of my last 2 orders: 6x4 prints 1 to 99 8p, 100 to 999 7p, 999+ 5p :7x5 prints 1 to 99 10p, 100 to 999 9p, 999+ 7p, 8x6 1 to 99 16p, 100 to 999 14p, 999+ 10p Plus if you use the code on the old Klick site Max10 you get 10% off these prices!

As I print mainly 8x6 size I think they are the best value around as there postage costs are low and they also take Paypal and thats handy for me when I sell my old stuff lol

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