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Has everyone seen the Groupon Ocado deal?

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UsingMainlySpoons Thu 28-Jul-11 12:19:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 28-Jul-11 12:23:16


cornsilksy Thu 28-Jul-11 12:25:49

terms and conditions state you have to spend £75. Waitrose is free anyway.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 28-Jul-11 12:26:38

Oh, less ooohh, more meh then?

SoupDragon Thu 28-Jul-11 12:26:58

Not every Waitrose delivers and not everyone has a Waitrose.

SoupDragon Thu 28-Jul-11 12:28:22

one thing though "One year midweek delivery pass (£69.99 value) gives you free deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for a whole year"

CaptainNancy Thu 28-Jul-11 12:33:43

You can 'buy it for a friend'... wouldn't you be lovely if you did that! smile

mid-week delivery is kind of restrictive though, particularly if you already find it hard to get deliveries in your area.

mnistooaddictive Thu 28-Jul-11 12:34:03

Only for new customers apparently as I checked.

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