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sun holiday code words for those with priority form!

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2anddone Sat 08-Jan-11 18:36:52

hi first code was printed today it is road, i didnt know if anyone was collecting them or not

saltcod Sat 08-Jan-11 21:31:43

Fab... thank you

Eddas Sat 08-Jan-11 22:16:08

fab, thanks for the code smile

ambercat Sun 09-Jan-11 17:40:16

Thanks, anyone got todays?

johnalpha Sun 09-Jan-11 22:40:31

Sunday newsoftheworld: arch

JessiesHat Mon 10-Jan-11 09:16:14

thanks, has anyon e got todys?

nappyaddict Mon 10-Jan-11 13:40:46

Does anyone have a priority form they don't want? I always go on a Sun holiday at least once a year and get sent a form but we haven't this year for some reason

2anddone Mon 10-Jan-11 20:50:56

hi does anybody have todays code please i forgot to buy a paper!

onadietcokebreak Tue 11-Jan-11 23:59:39

ROCK (Bonus)

onadietcokebreak Wed 12-Jan-11 00:02:05


Check if sun priority code has been sent to you

---------- ------

I called the sun holidays customer service there to ask about the priority booking codes. Was told only certain people r sent them each year at random but he took my postcode and checked their database to see if one had been sent to my address. Unfortunately not but if any of you are expecting one and not received it here is the number to call 08442458099 and they will check for you. Good luck!

Nappyaddict worth a try? I did and wasnt successful but they were helpful

Eddas Wed 12-Jan-11 13:20:57

onadietcokebreak, thanks for postings the codes so far smile much appreciated. I hope you get a priority code, I think I gave you mine before? But i'm using mine this time

onadietcokebreak Thu 13-Jan-11 01:11:40

Hi Eddas. Yes it was me you gave your code too last year. Thank you so much we had a lovely time.

Have managed to get a code from someone this year.

Fingers crossed we both get what we want

FoJo Thu 13-Jan-11 06:51:03

just to let everyone knows that wednesdays word was 'peel'. havent got todays yet. good luck everyone

FoJo Thu 13-Jan-11 11:41:32

and todays is ..... 'sort'

ChippyMinton Fri 14-Jan-11 09:59:58

An update courtesy of the lovely folks on the MSE forum.

Check your priority booking form. On the back, if there is a Bonus Token with the word ROCK on it you can book now. A random number of forms have this and the luck recipients were able to book last night. If you get an error message, try deleting the zeros after the / in the priority reference number.

The other seven codes are:

If you have a regular priority form, the MSE-ers are still trying to find another code, without any success. It seems that Saturday's code is needed.


Anne2307 Fri 14-Jan-11 10:09:16

darn it. rock doesn't work for some folk. gonna have to wait till tomorrow.

Eddas Fri 14-Jan-11 10:25:49

Rock doesn't work for me either.

I think Saturday's code word normally gets worked out early by people so it's worth checking MSE through the day as when someone has worked it out they will post it on there.

I know I've booked on the friday evening many times before and i'm hoping to do the same this time.

Thanks to all those who post the codes smile

onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 12:18:52

Hi all. I just tried and it didnt work until I realised I had typed sent instead of CENT!

Hope you all get what you want.

thank you Eddas fir last years booking number too.

ChippyMinton Fri 14-Jan-11 18:07:28

Last code is


Eddas Fri 14-Jan-11 19:13:01

Is anyone having trouble getting the site to stop being sillygrin I have logged in using the codes on here. When I then select the park and date I want and press select it then says 'select one unique park and one unique date'

Is it being silly or is it saying those datesparks aren't available?

onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 19:15:14

Hi Eddas. Glad you got code. You have to enter 4 different parks and dates. Hope you can sort it!

Eddas Fri 14-Jan-11 19:17:30

thanks onadiet, i've just read the top(der, maybe should read the instructions firstgrin) and it says enter at least 3 unique dates and 3 unique parks

onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 19:29:26

Dont worry i just gave duff advice saying 4!

Have you got what you wanted?

Eddas Fri 14-Jan-11 20:29:03


Yep, not quite the date I wanted but I was trying to book a weekend and go last fri of term(either May or July) but obviously they don't have those so we've book beginning of June.

We're going back to the same park we always go to, kids love it and it's only about an hour away (6 and 3 year old so no point travelling hours for a weekend)

How about you, did you get your preferred choice?

nappyaddict Fri 14-Jan-11 20:36:46

I wish DP would hurry up and confirm where he wants to go I'm worried it will go. So far for the date I want all 3 of the parks I want are available.

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