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anyone know when the Next V.I.P sale starts?

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qwertyshell Thu 16-Dec-10 16:36:37

katy1katy Fri 17-Dec-10 12:15:04

Message deleted

CJMommy Sun 19-Dec-10 15:06:09

Had a sale invite via text today - got a slot on wednesday evening (My due date also!) Am not sure when it actually starts though??

LJ29 Sun 19-Dec-10 15:35:55

Just had mine too, think its the 1st slot on Wednesday night.

RockinRobinBird Sun 19-Dec-10 15:54:40

Sale invite today here too. My slot is 6pm Wednesday, don't know if that's the earliest.

Eddas Sun 19-Dec-10 16:50:11

I got one today. It's for Wed 7.30-11 or something like that. Does anyone know what time the first slot is?

Marne Sun 19-Dec-10 16:58:52

The first slots are at 6pm wed. I got mine today smile.

Eddas Sun 19-Dec-10 17:00:04

thanks Marne smile

I got the 2nd slot then probably. there might be a few bits left!

RockinRobinBird Sun 19-Dec-10 17:01:08

Blimey, you mean I might be in with a chance of getting something this time? shock

huffythethreadslayer Sun 19-Dec-10 17:02:40

My slot was Christmas Eve last year and I got loads of things. Loved it!

Marne Sun 19-Dec-10 17:02:43

I was disapointed with what they have got, i only wanted clothes for dd1 but there seems to be hardly anything in her size sad. You are probobly better off with the later slot as at always crashes on the 6pm slot or runs extra slow.

qwertyshell Sun 19-Dec-10 19:27:49

i didnt get a slot again , ohhhhhhhh Next please please send me a slot i need bargins

The3Bears Sun 19-Dec-10 20:11:09

I got one for 6pm weds night

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 19-Dec-10 21:05:20

9pm Wed for me..seen loads hope they have some left!

RawDEal Tue 21-Dec-10 08:50:32

Why is mine thursday??? there is going to be nothing left again sad

Next smells of poo.

clarebear1 Tue 21-Dec-10 15:46:28

How can you apply for a vip slot?

MassiveKnobOfBrandyButter Tue 21-Dec-10 15:48:24

i have a vip slot for wed eve.

Clare they email you by invitation for a slot.

clarebear1 Tue 21-Dec-10 15:53:46

Do you have to just be registered to the site then or be a valued customer of the site and catalogue etc? Tahnks

MassiveKnobOfBrandyButter Tue 21-Dec-10 15:56:16

i am registered and have the catalogue, and shop a fair bit, and rarely pay it all off, so maybe i am an uber customer grin and warrant the vip slot

huffythethreadslayer Tue 21-Dec-10 16:22:23

I logged into my account after being on here and the slot was allocated. I do have the catalogue and order just a few times a year, so I'm not an uber-customer. Would be interesting to know what makes you a vip!

MassiveKnobOfBrandyButter Tue 21-Dec-10 16:38:57

debt probably huffy ! grin

Think I owe around £300 to next so not sure if I am super or uber.

Imisssleeping Wed 22-Dec-10 18:39:00

When does the real life sale start?

RockinRobinBird Wed 22-Dec-10 18:40:06

Just been and done mine. Lots of stuff for dd but absolutely no bedding/towels anything like that. They always have pillowcases!

huffythethreadslayer Wed 22-Dec-10 19:26:14

Sad now. Checked out what they had a few days ago and there was loads. Checked today and there's next to nothing I was looking for! Poo!

Will still check back tomorrow when my slot is up, but am expecting disappointment.

Last year my whole working wardrobe was put together from the Next sale, but this year, they don't have anything for me.

John Lewis sale is on from Christmas Eve and they seem to have some good towels/bedding. They have a preview page on now if you want to check it out.

Debenhams are always pretty good for bedding/towels too and their sales are usually legend (wait for it) ary.

Imisssleeping Wed 22-Dec-10 20:56:51

anyone know when the sale starts in the shops?

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