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Where can I get some cheap wool?

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penny09 Sat 23-Oct-10 10:38:23

I can't believe the price of wool! My mother in law says people used to knit to save money on clothes but these days wool is so expensive. Does anyone have any voucher codes for wool?

mippy Wed 27-Oct-10 11:50:28

Try Kemp's Wool Shop -

gingerali Wed 27-Oct-10 11:58:45

try 'freecycle' its an online recycling community run by yahoo - I run a knitting club in my school and asked for wool and got loads of offers from people who had leftover balls and wool bought for projects never completed.

I've also seen wool for sale in Lidil and in pound saver shops although it tends to be 3ply and strange colours - good for socks?

Unprune Wed 27-Oct-10 12:04:13

This is a good website - the prices are in dollars but she is in the UK and sends things out really quickly.

I think it's basically half price Rowan wool in discontinued colours, but I haven't looked for ages.

florenceuk Wed 27-Oct-10 12:06:39

Kemps, Black Sheep and Cucumberpatch - I tend to haunt their sale pages. Ebay also worth a look, although often known "brands" tend to go for close to retail price. And John Lewis is beseiged with bargain seekers at sale time. I picked up lots of Rowan cotton for £1 a ball at the end of one sale.

Nobody knits to save money now though - only for the joy of having a unique handmade object grin.

Unprune Wed 27-Oct-10 12:36:45

Also Texere yarns: this one is meant to be good
Troon Tweed

Also if you buy 'greasy' yarn on the cone, that's cheaper. Greasy means it's oiled for machine knitting. You just knit with it then handwash the garment and the oil should come out. Or you can skein up the yarn and handwash it before knitting.
I think one cone of this JCRennie stuff would make a sweater. They used to have a guide to say what all the numbers meant, it's something to do with the number of plies and some other variable (erk).

penny09 Thu 18-Nov-10 15:04:03

Thanks for all the message everyone. I haven't checked this thread for ages and actually got some cheap acrylic from the market - big mistake. Will know better next time.

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