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The codes thread

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everythingiseverything Sat 02-Oct-10 19:23:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Millie1 Sat 02-Oct-10 20:24:07

Great idea Everything - was going to suggest the same thing!

Phase Eight: GKEEP91 20% off (valid only for another few days)

Last month's GHK mag also has a few others, I'll add them later.

carciofi Sat 02-Oct-10 22:49:13

Liberty: 15% from 6th-9th Oct with the code AUTUMN
ASOS: ASOSMUSIC for 15% off (don't know expiry date)
Pure Collection: 25% off & free delivery AWNLH

Millie1 Sun 03-Oct-10 21:19:03

Kew: REDFREE10 - free P&P on UK orders til 31 Oct
Cox & Cox (okay, not fasion!) - 25% offBCW103
Isabella Oliver 365: 15% off plus Free delivery & returns - RED22
LK Bennett - RED3 for 20% off between 4 Oct and 2 November

everythingiseverything Sun 03-Oct-10 22:06:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purplepeony Sun 03-Oct-10 22:24:26


purplepeony Sun 03-Oct-10 22:25:25

Does the BRORA code work in store and how?

ebojones Mon 04-Oct-10 09:34:59

Boden - LNAR = 15% off + Free P&P and returns - until the end of Oct I think.
Boden - XTHB = £10 off £30 or more + free P&P and returns

dutchmanswife Mon 04-Oct-10 09:45:37

The White Company - 10Z8A

10% off purchases under £50
15% off purchases over £50
Plus free p&p on all purchases

Offer expires 20th October

everythingiseverything Mon 04-Oct-10 10:36:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BudaisintheZONE Mon 04-Oct-10 10:38:59

Millie1 - thanks so much for the Cox and Cox one! Just about to do a big order!

Millie1 Mon 04-Oct-10 11:16:36

Hope it works BudaisintheZone - if not, let me know and I'll recheck it.

BudaisintheZONE Mon 04-Oct-10 12:27:20

It worked Millie1!!!! Saved myself almost 50 quid. Thanks SO much!

katykoo Mon 04-Oct-10 13:50:50

Does anyone have a code for Oli ?


bigstripeytiger Mon 04-Oct-10 13:52:18

I have an OLI one for today - RLTP gives 25% off full price items. Its from heat magazine, and is valid from 28th sept to 4th Oct.

katykoo Mon 04-Oct-10 13:54:37

That was quick! Thanks !

BooBooGlass Mon 04-Oct-10 13:56:26

Ah damn, I need a White Stuff one, but I need to be able to use it in store as I have a voucher from a skirt I took back and cant seem to use it online. If I stroll in and utter 'bisc' at them, will they look at me like a Very Strange Person, or give me 15% off just to get rid of me I wonder?

hf128219 Mon 04-Oct-10 15:45:18

Tallulah and Hope 20% off until 9 November. Online only - quote 'Sheerluxe' at checkout.

hf128219 Mon 04-Oct-10 15:47:58

FWM 15% off until 15 November - online only. Code FWMWOMAN

John Smedley 20% off until 31 October - online only. Code TREAT

bounty007 Mon 04-Oct-10 16:30:37

brilliant thread... Ive just spent £182 at white company, so saved £36. Thanks dutchmanswife

everythingiseverything Mon 04-Oct-10 22:10:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hf128219 Tue 05-Oct-10 08:39:28

Whistles 25 per cent off. WH25AW10

Magicglassesfairy Tue 05-Oct-10 10:09:13

not sure how much off?

Millie1 Tue 05-Oct-10 10:21:13

HF - brilliant - thanks! Am going to order the Whistles leggings as they were recommended by someone on the leggings thread.

mummydarlingsausage Tue 05-Oct-10 10:30:48

The White Company - 10d8a - 20% off everything and free p&p (don't think there is a minimum spend as i used this on something for £36)

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