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Discount code for Crieff Hydro???

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Fimbo Tue 14-Sep-10 17:35:43

Long shot I know, but if anyone does I would be very grateful.

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weegiemum Tue 14-Sep-10 17:38:52

Hard to get a discount there unless you are employed full time by the Church of Scotland!

StewieGriffinsMom Tue 14-Sep-10 17:43:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ulysses Tue 14-Sep-10 17:46:41

I've just booked there without a code so will be watching this with interest. Couldn't find one anywhere else.

Fimbo Tue 14-Sep-10 19:53:59

<<becomes a vicar>> smile

I keep hanging off in the hope I can get October half-term slightly cheaper but in my heart of hearts know its a no-hoper.

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geordieminx Wed 15-Sep-10 10:01:54

Is it really nice/good/worth it? Thinking about going for a long weekend with ds (3)

Fimbo Wed 15-Sep-10 13:47:26

Yes georgieminx it is nice, very nice, but also very expensive although you do get 6hrs of free childcare. A lot of people were saving a couple of hours for night time so they could eat alone as the children have their own high tea at 4.30. You can go self catering which is a bit cheaper, still with the free childcare but then you have to pay for meals etc which then adds up.

We went in August for a night without children and felt really guilty as I hadn't been since I was 3 (many moons ago!) and the facilities for children are really fab but you do have to pay for most of it.

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geordieminx Wed 15-Sep-10 13:58:56

talk to me about the facilities, and whats free/what you have to pay for.

Although I fancy going for a weekend, when I think about it, we wouldnt get there til 7ish on the Friday night, and would have to check-out at 12pm on Sunday, so it doesnt seem like a huge about of time, when we are paying £400+ for 2 nights IYKWIM?

GentleOtter Wed 15-Sep-10 14:03:14

Special offers

Fimbo Wed 15-Sep-10 14:07:40

Hi Otter,
done that but not special enough! Thanks

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Fimbo Wed 15-Sep-10 14:12:41

You need to really look at the website, you can download the prices of the activities there. There is a linked building to the main hotel called "Big Country" which has a indoor play centre etc for kids, this is free as part of the childcare package. There is a park area with swings, chute etc. I don't know tbh how much a 3 year old would get out of the rest of it.

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geordieminx Wed 15-Sep-10 14:13:48

Thats what I feared, that we would go, and it would be a soft play and swimming pool - which would make it a rather expensive weekend

GentleOtter Wed 15-Sep-10 14:19:09

Does it have to be the Hydro?

There are some good places here that are not too far from Crieff. Kenmore is good.

Fimbo Wed 15-Sep-10 14:24:26

To cut a very long boring story short, I promised my dc I would take them and then came home and looked at the prices and baulked. I live in England now and have a timeshare not far from Kenmore! We are going back up to Scotland at October half term for a family "do" and had said we would tag a couple of days at Crieff Hydro on but now I am not so sure....I want something with all the activities like they have on site (my dc are 6 & 12).

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CerealOffender Wed 15-Sep-10 14:31:16

the lodges are nice i love crieff hydro but willl never bee able to afford it again now dd is at school

GentleOtter Wed 15-Sep-10 14:49:02

Whilst the Hydro is very nice, £400 is extortionate to be honest especially for a couple of nights.

There is a lovely newish swimming pool in Crieff, Auchingarroch Children's petting farm nearby, MacRosty Park in Crieff which has been newly done up so plenty of things to do outwith the hotel. It would cost less getting a B&B and doing your own thing.

geordieminx Wed 15-Sep-10 14:53:26

It would cost less to stay at home in Glasgow and go to Strathy park grin

GentleOtter Wed 15-Sep-10 18:17:38

It has a pool and activities and not that far from Crieff.

CerealOffender Wed 15-Sep-10 22:15:30

do they still do the slosh?

Fimbo Thu 16-Sep-10 09:19:51

LOL - Otter that is where we have our timeshares! grin

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Scotgirl Fri 17-Sep-10 19:40:02

We went to Crieff with a 2 year old (too young for the childcare) and found that there was not much them to do. All the good stuff was locked away in the leave your kids bit. You could only get into the soft play between 5 & 6pm just when they were wanting to eat dinner. If the weather hadn't been dry we would really have been struggling. Wooden playpark not really toddler friendly.

I wouldn't consider it unless you had older kids that you knew would be happy to be left int he childcare area.

zhangyuge Wed 21-Mar-18 01:57:12

I only find some Crieff Hydro discounts and deals here

LifeasJulie Thu 29-Mar-18 12:54:31

You get the odd offer on and, but there hasn't been one for a while. I've been on the hunt as doing the Women Run Strong 10K at Crieff Hydro at end of April so thought I'd treat myself to an overnight too.

Only offer on at the moment though is midweek lodge break:


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