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Wooden play houses - for a 3yo?

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CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 15:40:55

I am thinking of getting one of these for dd's 3rd birthday. Does anyone have one, are they nicely made?

Or any other suggestions welcome

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 18-Aug-05 15:45:23

I don;t have this one, but a similar one from B&Q which has stood up to hoards of children and a mad dog continuously running in and out and slamming the doors, balls being thrown at the windows. DD and her friends love it.

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 16:12:47

The advantage of this one is that they will deliver and build it in the price which for a diy phobe like me is great!

misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 16:14:49

i was looking at the fact they build it as well. veyr tempting. go measure out a square in the garden toi see how big it is lol. remember to get the area prepared 1st.

fairyfly Thu 18-Aug-05 16:15:33

My children love these in the garden centre.

I would get one with window boxes though as i have always had this very romantic fantasy of them tending to the plants with little watering cans.

I remember playing in one as a child and adoring it.

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 16:16:57

do I need to prepare the area? is going on paving.

FF they have window boxes as optional extras, i may get one i think. Am having stable door too¬!

misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 16:17:40

if its going on paving it'll be fine

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 16:18:14

I am wondering whether to get the verandah thingy - will it just look like a shed without one?

fairyfly Thu 18-Aug-05 16:20:36

oh a little porch with a rocking chair complete with homemade cushions and matching curtains.

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 16:32:03


No need to get carried away FF, didn't know you had LHOTP fantasies

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