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Buggy or buggy board for holiday

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Wed 17-Aug-05 16:30:19

I am taking my nieces away with me in Oct.They are 6 and nearly 4. My husband and father tend to want to do a lot of walking around on holiday and we will have my daughter aged 23mths in a buggy.

I can just hear the moaning now.."Carry me grandad","can i go in the buggy?" "im tired..." and its going to be v hot and I know they will get tired.

Was thinking of buying a cheap travel buggy off ebay for youngest niece and strapping a 'seat to go' on it for 6 year old.

Do you think that will be best solution? I know people have said seat to go can be difficult but I must add we are all tall and have long arms!!
The only thing is do I have to pack it for the plane or do I put it on with the buggies?

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