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Tweezerman - am I worth it?

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snafu Wed 17-Aug-05 09:14:11

Ds has 'disappeared' my good tweezers and my eyebrows will soon be Healeyesque.

So, quickie question: Tweezerman - yes or no?

northerner Wed 17-Aug-05 09:20:46

My good tweezers have mysteriously vanished too. I'm in need of a new pair so will watch this with interest.

oliveoil Wed 17-Aug-05 09:29:35

I have these, v good. Sharp though. Ow!!!

yorkshirelass Wed 17-Aug-05 09:32:37

Definite yes! I have the pink ones and think they're great!

expatinscotland Wed 17-Aug-05 09:33:19


northerner Wed 17-Aug-05 09:33:19

Are they good enough to remove that annoying stubbly bit of eyebrow though?

motherinferior Wed 17-Aug-05 09:33:47

Yes. Really, really, yes.

MrsDoolittle Wed 17-Aug-05 09:35:07

How much are they?

Mum2Ela Wed 17-Aug-05 09:35:18

Yes, they are fab. I have two pairs now as my pink ones are now a bit blunt (had those ones a couple of years tho). They come in a nice carry ase which I like

NomDePlume Wed 17-Aug-05 09:35:26

YES, YES, YES. I love my Tweezerman slanted tweezers. I've got the smaller ones in a case, um.... (runs to make-up bag).....'Petite Tweeze', about £12. I also have their eyelash curlers (cheaper at £4), they're fab too. Because my tweezers came with a case they are much more difficult to lose.

motherinferior Wed 17-Aug-05 09:35:51

They're not cheap. But they are good, honestly, and I speak as a lifelong cheapskate.

NomDePlume Wed 17-Aug-05 09:36:47

Mine also offered 'lifetime' free sharpening on the packet but you have to post them to Texas ! [mildy bemused emoticon]

gingerbear Wed 17-Aug-05 09:38:11

Why do tweezers need sharpening? [confused]

NomDePlume Wed 17-Aug-05 09:43:39

Because you need a fine sharp edge in order to grip the shortest hairs, the edge gets blunted over time and they don't grip as well.

MascaraOHara Wed 17-Aug-05 09:47:38

tweezerman = fab!

gingerbear Wed 17-Aug-05 09:48:30

Ah ha! thanks for explanation (can you tell- I don't use mine enough to have this problem??) [hairy]

puff Wed 17-Aug-05 09:54:55

Tweezermans are brill

snafu Wed 17-Aug-05 10:02:13

Lovely lovely lovely - am off to shops now!

NomDePlume Wed 17-Aug-05 20:12:58

Well, are you now suitably plucked, snafu ?

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