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Playhouse we have got...

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MistressMary Tue 16-Aug-05 22:20:43

and Ds loves it as he is a door mad boy.
Ours has the extra bit on ths side though.

Will last a few years too.

house of fun

lockets Tue 16-Aug-05 22:25:41

Message withdrawn

goosey Tue 16-Aug-05 22:28:40

My children have that one too - it's a good size and very good value for money. It was in the playroom but has been put outside for the summer and will probably stay there for the winter too now so I hope it will be as robustly frost resistant as the more expensive thicker plastic ones.

MistressMary Tue 16-Aug-05 22:41:07

Haha again, common ground.

Yep it's meant not to deteriote outside so it says on the packaging.

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