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Anyone know a good website to buy a COT Mattress???????

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Eaney Tue 16-Aug-05 15:32:33

Need to buy a cot mattress. Have a Mothercare Cot but would like to try and widen my options.

Anyone know a good website. Have already tried Kiddicare but they don't have the size I want.


Eaney Tue 16-Aug-05 16:15:09


Miaou Tue 16-Aug-05 16:52:30

Hi Eaney, try this one: babycare direct

I have ordered a cot mattress, over the bath baby bath, muslin squares, washable breast pads and something else which escapes my memory atm - the orders arrived in a couple of days, and they do loads of different sizes of mattress, at good prices. Very pleased with them.

Eaney Tue 16-Aug-05 21:03:17

Thanks, will have a look.

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