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thomas aquadraw

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misdee Mon 15-Aug-05 16:13:39

my kids want one. its dd2 birthday in a few weeks so could be good idea. anyone got one?

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 16:15:03

yes got from argos, my ds on front of box[grin

RnB Mon 15-Aug-05 16:15:20

Message withdrawn

Nbg Mon 15-Aug-05 16:15:38

Show off T2!!!!

puff Mon 15-Aug-05 16:16:20

Can someone do a link please - like the sound if this misdee for my two.

RnB Mon 15-Aug-05 16:17:22

Message withdrawn

RnB Mon 15-Aug-05 16:19:02

Message withdrawn

misdee Mon 15-Aug-05 16:19:05


RnB Mon 15-Aug-05 16:19:45

Message withdrawn

puff Mon 15-Aug-05 16:20:33

Thanks both !

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 16:24:07

its very good how it works, the train follows the water mark, ds loved playing with this, when they was shooting ,infact could not get him of it

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