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Has anyone bought the Canon S2 digital camera? ...

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Millie1 Mon 15-Aug-05 14:28:25

If so, what do you think of it - it gets great reviews but I had a look yesterday and was surprised just how light and plastic-y it feels ... probably something you get used to? I guess I'd like to know whether it's a good buy - it's pretty expensive and I guess tbh I'd loooove the 350D but don't know whether I can be bothered with lugging a big camera & lenses around ... so is this the answer with it's manual override etc etc. TIA

hub2dee Mon 15-Aug-05 15:01:19

Hi Millie1,

Not touched an S2, but many of them, including the 350D IMHO feel a little plasticky.

Have you used an SLR before ? They have full auto modes, but come into their element when the photographer desires more control over their photos. You also need to then think about focal lengths for your lenses etc. so the cost can add up, whereas with the S2 IS it is 'all in' so to speak.

IMHO it is worth it, but probably only if you are keen on photography as a hobby.

It is going to be much more practical to pack a tiny Ixus or a small S2 than to lug the camera bag (and the 350D is LIGHT !) to family events / day trips etc. but if photography is / becomes a bit of a passion, a digital SLR would be worth it.

The S2 IS is getting good reviews ( is my fave). and if you feel you can sacrifice the manual involvement, I'd probably suggest you get that over a 350D plus lenses as, because it is smaller and more luggable, it's more likely to come with you and hence get the shots IYSWIM.

I'm about to buy a digital SLR as I love photography (have been on a Canon AE1-P film body for years) and have a new baby, and enjoy control over the imaging process... but you can bet I'll still be packing my little Ixus 400 when I can't be ar*ed to lug the camera bag to the playground etc.

BTW - The later range of Ixii (sp ???? LOL) have VERY much better (ie. reduced) shutter lag... this is one of the biggies to go SLR, and now that has been addressed, a little point and shoot, IMHO does have a lot going for it.


puddle Mon 15-Aug-05 15:22:59

oooh hub2dee you seem to know your stuff. I am thinking of buying a canon ixus 700 - is this one that has reduced shutter lag (my personal bugbear when taking pics of my two very active children....)

Millie1 Mon 15-Aug-05 15:52:22

Hub2dee ... thanks for all the info (and the link - I've spent a lot of time reading that site in recent weeks) ... you've answered my many threads on the subject before and sure do know your stuff! To answer your questions ... yes, I have an absolutely ancient Olympus OM40 SLR. It's a great camera but I've been bitten by the digital bug and with 2 fast-moving little ones I want to see what I've shot immediately and then spend all those hours of free time (hah!) playing with the results on my pc. At the moment my digital camera is one of the early Canon's - Powershot A20. It's an okay camera ... but low mega-pixels, bulky for what it has to offer and doesn't offer me the manual controls which I want (ie. aperture/shutter speed priority etc).

The S2 appeals because of it's 'all in one' package but in 6 months time I don't want to be thinking that I've made a mistake and should've saved for a bit longer in order to get a digital SLR. I love photography but tbh in recent years haven't given it as much time as I once did, simply because I've got a 3 yr old and 18 mth old ... and they're the reason I want a good camera - to capture fun moments but also to take (attempt) more serious, portrait shots.

BTW, you've hit the nail on the head cos the SLR wouldn't be an everyday camera - you need a small point and shoot too. Which leads me to thinking that I'd get more use out of the S2 (from size/practicality perspective) but I just can't get rid of this 'I want an SLR' feeling.

Anyway, i don't know where my rambling is leading me except to more confusion!! As a matter of interest, cos I reckon you'll have done heaps of research, which SLR do you have your eye on?

Millie1 Mon 15-Aug-05 15:53:30

ps Hub2dee ... Congrats on your daughter - I've peeked at the photos and she's absolutely gorgeous. And, completely off-subject, is your dw still persevering with the expressing or did you all decide to call it a day on that front - haven't seen any updates in a while!!

hub2dee Mon 15-Aug-05 17:50:40

Hiya Millie1, so so sorry I didn't recognise your name ! Now I remember our old chat about SLRs etc. and your old Olympus !

Re: dw - second bout of mastitis is just about over (she's at the docs now as she's still sore), and I think she's going to begin winding down the expressing and we'll increase the formula...

dd's milkspots are on the way out, so soon my angel model will be back to work, pmsl !

Re: Lightboxes....

If you "just can't get rid of this 'I want an SLR' feeling." then, sadly, I feel your destiny is already cast. You NEED an SLR, and the 'manual' control it offers to give you what you want. To give you that ultra-low shutter lag, the ability to tweak shutter speed to capture sporty moments, to play with your aperture control and knock the background out etc. etc. etc. You SHOULD therefore get the 350D.

I have used the 350D briefly and the timing / shutter speed / responsiveness etc. were fab. It has the same DIGIC II processor as its big brother and the shots WILL BE GREAT.

Personally, after literally months of surfing, trying out the 350D and the 20D in a few shops etc. I think I am going to get the 20D because the grip felt better in my big hands, I could get my fingers between the grip and the lens better, the shutter lag is even lower (shouldn't tell you that, LOL), and the manual over-ride control is even easier than the 350D (on the 350D you button press into AWB / ISO etc. then have to adjust and then press set using the 4 way pointer thingy. On the 20D you have a joystick turny dial thing which makes it a tiny bit more 'old school'. The images from it, however, will be VERY similar to the 350D, of that I have no doubt. I think autofocus accuracy and speed is supposed to be a little better, but tbh that's really for gearhead fiends as the 350D is lightning fast anyway.

I've kept my film camera for nearly 18 years and I thought I'd treat myself (with family chipping in etc.) as I turn 35 on the 24th ! Like you, I've been mulling this decision forever, especially as I think gettting the 350D (and selling on in a year or so if necessary) is the better / more sensible decision IYSWIM, but sod it, you only live once and in 10 days I will be closer to 70 than I am to zero, LOL !!!

(plus think of the money you'll save on Venture etc. !!!!)

Lenses still undecided.


puddle - poor shutter lag ruins photos. It's a right pain. DW's uncle had a 700 at the birth, and I used it for a couple of shots. Timing / lag seemed INFINITELY better than my old Ixus 400. I think if you don't need uber manual control, you'll be very happy with it.

The dpreview site I linked to will probably have a (very detailed) review already, and it will allow you to compare that model to, say, an earlier Ixus or another camera you may have in mind.


Millie1 Mon 15-Aug-05 21:58:46

H2D ... didn't realise your poor wife had had mastitis twice. Ugh - heaven help her. It'll probably take her a few days to feel normal and lose that tender feeling. Expressing's hard work, she's done really well to keep it up this long whilst contending with not being well herself.

Thanks for all the advice and info re the cameras. Funny that I took the time to look at the S2 yesterday but when the girl offered to get the 350d out, I was really strong and said no thanks . Your comment about the size and grip of the 350D is exactly what this reviewer said ... here , so you're not along in finding that fault. I'm going to give it some more thought ... as you can tell I'm literally driving myself mad and going round in circles.

Happy Birthday for 24th ... the 20D sounds like a great b-day present - you must link to some photos when you get it!

Thanks again

hub2dee Mon 15-Aug-05 22:42:25

Yes, she's a brave one, but she's had enough and I don't blame her ! DD has gone from 4lbs 4oz (1.94 kilos) at birth to 7lbs 2oz (2.84 kilos) last week (in, what, 5 weeks ?), and is getting weighed tomorrow. My guess is Camille will be pushing on the 'normal' average birth weight which I understand is about 3.4 kilos, so both mum and babe have done real well !

If you're going round and round in circles, I would go with your heart and get the 350d. Honestly. There's a reason you're not jumping at the S2 (or equivalent) and that's because you want the creativity of a proper SLR. The 350D is an EXCELLENT size, and certainly in womanly hands (LOL) you'll be a very happy camper.

It'll also be worth something if you want to sell it in a few years, whereas the S2 will be just another tired old point and shoot...

Have I persuaded you yet ? LOL

Are you (or any friends) going to the US soon ? It's a tad cheaper over there ITH. The 20D enjoys even deeper discounting.

When my model recovers her skin condition, and I have a meaty 20D in my hands, I will try and post some great shots - shall we set up a few 'kids photos' threads on MN somewhere so we can all discuss best ways / positions / styles / props / techniques used by the studios etc. ???

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