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Painting untreated pine staircase

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TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 08:56:04

What do I prime the wood with first before I use the gloss paint?

Tessiebear Mon 15-Aug-05 09:03:08

I am a real novice at this kind of thing and i always go into our local paint shop and ask EXACTLY what i need - i would think your basic wood primer would do

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 10:55:56


Janh Mon 15-Aug-05 11:03:54


And if you are using actual gloss then you really need an undercoat as well to make the best of the gloss colour (even if it's plain white).

Dulux guide .

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 11:13:07

thanks Janh - I don't think I could face 3 coats on each of the posts! I think I will get a man into do it.

Janh Mon 15-Aug-05 11:17:09

Excellent idea, Tracy! Mine are stained atm but if I ever decide to change to paint I think I'll get a man in too

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