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Now I can't access iTunes! Don't tell me - bloody Norton AGAIN...

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Moomin Sun 14-Aug-05 11:19:34

I've got norton anti-virus software, which I leanred a while ago is not compatible with outlook express and has blocked all my emails in and out, so I started using internet access for my emails.... and now I go to use iTunes for the first time in ages and can't access the iTunes shop for my latest update. In the troubleshooting bit of their website it says most likely offender is my anti-virus software.

Really, if this is the case, is it worth all the hassle of bloody Norton? Would really like a different antivirus programme but am a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to technical stuff. Anyone else had probs with Norton in this way?

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 14:26:31

I hate Norton.

Had the same problem with Outlook and various different sites when I came to download stuff.

Then it decided not to allow automatic updates of it's own virus definitions - I had to visit the site and download manually. A pain, plus no reminders when it needed doing so often didn't even have full virus protection.

In the end I uninstalled Norton. I now use a combination of AVG free edition, Windows own firewall and Spybot + Ad Aware for the annoying spyware stuff. Working brilliantly (quickly crosses fingers )

Moomin Sun 14-Aug-05 18:58:53

sorry to be a bit thick but can you tell me exactly how you go about getting all of these as an alt to norton please SG?

anchovies Sun 14-Aug-05 19:04:01

I had similar problems so now use mcafee and find it works much better. Just get the virus protection not the whole internet protection jobby though or it is almost as annoying as norton!

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 19:24:41




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