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My fab new computer desk

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Hulababy Sun 14-Aug-05 09:58:49


So pleased with it I wanted to share

And I put it together all by myslef. Well, I asked Dh to hold a couple of bits on occasion as it needed two people, but I did the majority.

Was meant for new house and was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but it came within two weeks. Figured I may as well start using it.

It's fab!



ebbie22 Sun 14-Aug-05 10:00:02

wow,that looks fab xx

sparklymieow Sun 14-Aug-05 10:34:59

ooooooooo nice. Where you'd get it and how much??

Hulababy Sun 14-Aug-05 10:37:25

Got it from one of the shops downstairs from where we live - called Prego. Was inthe sale, so got it for £280.

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