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Best baby carrier for walking and trekking???

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diva4mgl Sat 13-Aug-05 23:05:52

Im looking for baby carrier for taking baby out for walking and trekking. DH and I would love to take DD out for long walks without pushchair.
I have bought wilkinet but dd hates it, she loved it when she was little but now she screams in it.
She is only 4 months but her body weight is over 19lbs, so im lost, I don`t know what i can get.
Wish i can try all of them and get one we like.
Every little advice will be much appreciated?
Thank you

fuffay Tue 16-Aug-05 19:29:43

The Kelty Kangaroo is good, easy to load and adjust for a comfortable fit - and the weight goes through your hips rather than hanging off your shoulders.

Kelty Kangaroo

bensmum3 Tue 16-Aug-05 19:55:38

I have an Ergo and a Bushbaby premier, and I love the Ergo, we walk for hours/miles in complete comfort and it doesn't pull on my back or shoulders, it did take a few times to get used to putting ds in it (used it on my front from 5-7 months, then on my back till now 2,2yrs)and the only down side is it doesn't have big pockets or a raincover, which I don't find a problem as ds wears an all in one waterproof and snuggles into my back if it's raining and I've usually got someone with me to carry another rucksack.

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