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Did anyone ever have the Beatrix Potter album as a child?

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cupcakes Sat 13-Aug-05 20:04:46

It had the stories of Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, the Flopsy Bunnies and Mrs Tiggy Winkle. It was narrated by a woman and full of songs. In particular:
"we're a happy family, yes a happy family
and we live at the foot of an old fir tree.
Flopsy and Mopsy, how could they be sweeter
and funny little Cotton-tail
and Peter."

and also Peter's lament:
"why do I do it? What can it be?
The others may be naughty but they're not as bad as me.
I'd give the world if only I could
now and again be good.
I think a halo would suit me dangling over my ears.
When they behold me they wouldn't scold me,
they'd say well done instead."

Does anyone else remember this or is it just me? I seem to constantly have these songs on my head!
I'm 31 so it would have been around in the mid to late 70's, if not earlier.

ClodaghR Sat 13-Aug-05 20:05:37

Can't rem her name but it was the woman in Butterflies that narrated taht I think. Wendy something.

ClodaghR Sat 13-Aug-05 20:06:12

Just remembered Wendy Craig

cupcakes Sat 13-Aug-05 20:09:55

ahh - I was searching it on ebay and there were some with Wendy Craig on but because it was a different collection from mine I thought it might be another version. There were also ones narrated by Vivien Leigh but Wendy Craigs voice seems more familiar to me.

Easy Sat 13-Aug-05 20:26:39

The ones narrated by Vivien Leigh are MUCH older. I still have mine, the tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, Mrs Tiggywinkle, on Red Vinyl 45's.

I'm nearly 45 myself.

Oh, and does anyone remember Tubby the Tuba, told by Danny Kaye? I've got that too.

And a Winnie the Pooh, narrated by Ian Carmichael.

Tyakit Sat 13-Aug-05 20:27:35

I had this album too!! I still remember all the songs and sing them to dd especially "Gig and Pony", "Underneath the Old Puss Cat" and Mrs Tiggywinkles "Nice and Clean"! My copy was a vinyl album and was narrated by Vivien Leigh. Off to search Ebay now as I have been wondering how to get hold of this for ages.

Tommy Sat 13-Aug-05 20:37:21

We had the Wendy craig one and Tubby the Tuba!

cupcakes Sat 13-Aug-05 21:03:14

ooh - how did "gig and pony" go? Is it the one about Mr and Mrs McGregor?

Tyakit Mon 15-Aug-05 02:27:12

Gig and Pony, Gig and Pony, trotting along the road, with a brand new bonnet in our Sunday best, isn't it a handsome load?.......

Underneath the old puss cat, you and me together, facing stormy weather, talking of this and that, underneath the old puss cat....

Oooh this takes me back!!

I also had Tubby the Tuba AND Sparky's Magic Piano!!

HayleyK Tue 09-Jan-07 11:41:57

Am so hoping you are still checking this message thread - I am desperately trying to find the tape with the songs "flopsy and mopsy, how can they be sweeter and funny little cotton tail and peter" and "we don't care", "bright and clean" and "when the troubles of the day are over". It is definitely the same one Cupcake is talking about. Did you ever manage to track it down? If so which tape is it - I've tried so many. The Wendy Craig ones I can find don't have flopsy bunnies on it and I'm not sure it was read by her in any event.

TickledPink Tue 09-Jan-07 17:14:29

That has brought back some memories. We used to have it on a cartridge type thing. Is it 8 track or is that something else. Anyway loved listening to the stories, especially Peter Rabit.

cupcakes Tue 09-Jan-07 17:21:57

I gave up looking for it. We had it on vinyl and I know it's at my mum's somewhere.
I'm pretty sure it was the Vivien Leigh one, not Wendy Craig.

HayleyK Thu 11-Jan-07 09:52:12

Its definitely not the Vivien Leigh one - I bought that one from ebay in America and she's got a really strong American accent and the songs are all different. My mum thinks that it isn't the Wendy Craig one, but I haven't tried that one yet, so think I might just in case. I really want to find it, it's driving me crazy! I've bought three different ones and had to send them back. Any chance you can ask your mum if she remembers? I would be really really grateful. Bizare what becomes really important to you when you have children!!

cupcakes Sun 21-Jan-07 19:58:28

I went to my parent's yesterday and found the album which I now have before me.
It's The Beatrix Potter Stories 1; The stories dramatised with music. Music and Lyrics by Cyril Ornadel and David Croft. Narrated by Vivien Leigh.

Now I just need a record player...

cupcakes Sun 21-Jan-07 19:59:20

by the way, in this version I'm absolutely positive she uses her British accent.

Tuty Sun 18-Feb-07 20:00:48

Just read all the Beatrix Potter thread, and I am sooo excited. I had the record too and now have two children and am desperate for them to have it. Have we established whether it was Vivien Leigh or Wendy Craig?
Thanks to all who share and helped me in the right direction of finding this record!

SHic Tue 19-Jun-07 23:11:18


I know this is an old thread but I have been desperately trying to get hold of these tapes (or records or CD's) - did anyone manage to get hold of them. I am always singing these songs to my daughter, she particulary loves "Why do I do it?" and "We're a happy family..."

I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has these versions or knows where I can get hold of them.


WindUpBird Thu 21-Jun-07 09:51:53

Ooooooh, bumping this thread as I can vividly remember getting this for my 3rd birthday in 1976! I would LOVE to get a copy of this for my DD. "Tomorrow is another day..!"

HayleyK Sat 22-Sep-07 00:27:31

I am so so excited! I'm going in search again now!!! Thank you thank you. Can't quite work out why this became so important to me to find, but it really did!!! grin

alycat Sat 22-Sep-07 00:37:00

I saw this in my local charity shop this week and was tempted to buy it, I had it as a child. Then I remembered I haven't had a record player for the last 16 yrs!

HayleyK Sat 22-Sep-07 00:45:11

I don't have a record player either and have just bid up to £35 to buy a vinyl version of this on ebay.....I must be really keen....or a bit nuts...

alycat Sat 22-Sep-07 10:16:03

<alycay now pondering a return to the shop to buy it and make Fast Buck on ebay>

Slubberdegullion Sat 22-Sep-07 10:24:27

I had it as a child, in fact my parents still have it somewhere lovingly stored away with a tonne of other LP's. Has reminded me to search it but no record player to play it on. Oh sad.

Remember Wendy Craig's voice, just lovely!

Wisteria Sat 22-Sep-07 10:30:42

Oh God am I going to have to go into the loft to get it??!!

I know I've got it somewhere; had a cream/whiteish cover with the characters all around the outside didn't it?

I'm 34.

Wisteria Sat 22-Sep-07 10:31:57

Will sell mine Hayley!!

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