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Ergo carrier users - advice pls!!

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Lmccrean Sat 13-Aug-05 15:53:41

I have been using the Ergo carrier for about 6 months. I stopped using it for a month after i fell and hurt my knee (didnt feel safe carrying her when knee kept "giving" on me)

Now when I put it on, it seems that it is pressing into her legs a bit (talking milimeters here) - mum noticed it and said about blood clots and shouted at me (she never liked the carrier idea). It doesnt leave a mark or anything.

Did notice yesterday that, since starting again, that dd is walking a little bit funny after shes been in carrier for a while.

I doubt that she has got that much bigger in a month, besides, shes 35 lbs and its supposed to do up to 60lbs!

I love the convenience of the carrier, so would like to keep using it but not at my dds expense.

No one I know in RL uses this sling, so I cant ask them to show me what Im doing wrong! Help pls!

Failing that, can anyone reccommend a sling that I can use on my back for a child 35lb plus? been looking at the Maya wrap (will hold up to 100lbs, but not reccommended over 35lbs- not sure why)

bensmum3 Sun 14-Aug-05 10:50:57

Hi Lmccrean, Which bit is pressing on which part of her legs ? I've used the carrier with ds since he was 5 months,he's now 2.

Lmccrean Sun 14-Aug-05 11:54:06

its the main bit..erm..that goes around her back and under her bum - ie the bit that isnt any kind of strap!...that fabric digs into her thighs a little where the fabric stops IYKWIM??

She climbs on herself (i crouch down and she jumps on), and always has done, but am wondering if now that shes not in cloth nappies is she positioned differently enough to make this happen - maybe bum closer to my back than before - would only be cms difference. I just cant work it out!

does your ds walk funny at all for a minute after being lifted out of the carrier? Im wondering if its just the same as sitting for toolong in one place and ur a wee bit stiff--but it does worry me.

bensmum3 Sun 14-Aug-05 18:02:30

Hi again, just got back from the beach (went on the trike today) and ds really tired, but I will put him in the ergo tommorrow and get dh to have a look, I haven't noticed the fabric pressing on his legs, and he's very vocal, so I'm sure he would complain.
I have noticed that he does wobble a wee bit if I've been carrying him for a long time, but he also does that if he has been in the bushbaby carrier or on my bicycle, so I think thats just like finding his sea legs.
I don't think you need to worry about blood clots if it's not leaving a mark, to cause a clot it would have to be interrupting the circulation.
I will get back tomorrow about the positioning of ds's legs.

bensmum3 Tue 16-Aug-05 21:21:47

I have used my Ergo today, and the fabric does touch ds legs as it comes up round, but doesn't dig in, I usually make sure he is sitting as far down in the carrier as possible, let me know how you are getting on ?

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