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Anyone have the Concord Ultimax carseat?

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beatie Sat 13-Aug-05 14:50:11

I've had this carseat recommended to me by an independent baby shop. Just wondered if anyone has it and what the pros and cons are.

LIZS Sat 13-Aug-05 16:59:50

I've a feeling it didn't do too well on the recent Which? safety tests, as I'd been considering one.

starlover Sat 13-Aug-05 17:04:38

LIZS is right. came out very badly i think in Which test

beatie Sat 13-Aug-05 21:16:02

Thanks. I have been meaning to subscribe to Which? to sort out my digital camera dilemma (see other post) so now have another reason to do so.

Any recommendations for a good 0-4 forward/rear facing carseat?

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 20:40:32

there are only a few that are birth to 4 years

only other 2 ui know are the britax eclipse si and the bebeconfort iseos.
both need an insert to make them suitable for newborns

i wanted the bebe confort one but it wouldn't fit in our car rear-facing

i think the britax one came out slightly better in which though

fwiw your local library will probably have a which subscription and will be able to print off information for you!

beatie Sun 14-Aug-05 20:42:08

Thanks - I'll try the library this week.

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