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dd3's bumbo has split.

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misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 17:50:58

dd1+2 keep using it altho i have told them many times not to as they are too big and it will break. and now the foam has split.

so do i buy a new one and take the money out of their savings?

bonym Thu 11-Aug-05 17:51:45

Yep! I would .

nutcracker Thu 11-Aug-05 17:51:58

Do you have the recipet for it ???

If you do i'd just take/send it back and say it split.

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 17:57:19

no recipt, i got it from a mumsnetter pretty cheap.

cod Thu 11-Aug-05 17:59:46

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:01:33

its the part that sits between the legs. basically i think one of the other dd's has pulled it down, and split the foam. doesnt affect the use, but am annoyed as dd3 does use the seat a lot.

cod Thu 11-Aug-05 18:02:46

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:08:02

but i saw a lilac coloured one with £5 off on kiddicare

cod Thu 11-Aug-05 18:08:46

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:11:09


the thing is, its smaller than her other chair, which takes up too much room of my small living room floor. plus she screams if i do put her in the other chair.

cod Thu 11-Aug-05 18:11:39

Message withdrawn

steffee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:12:27

Sorry to be thick, but what is a bumbo?

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:12:55

in the loft, cant get in there atm. plus i'm sure dd2 will make it like a door bungee lol.

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:13:42


steffee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:20:29

Wow, never seen one before and my youngest is only 19m! Looks pretty nifty.

misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 18:21:51

very very handy. only got it with dd3, werent avaialable with my other 2 as far as i know.

tassis Fri 12-Aug-05 14:01:31

Just my opinion misdee, but I think the lilac is a yucky colour in RL...

RnB Fri 12-Aug-05 14:32:12

Message withdrawn

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