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ISOFIX seat suitable upto 18kg, dd2 weighs 17.2kg

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misdee Thu 11-Aug-05 13:43:22

i know its not worth buying on just for dd2 as she is weighing near on the limit, and thats why she was moved into the next stage seat, but she is constantly rolling about in the back atm. i need a 2nd stage one for dd3 anyway i na few months time, so am tempted to buy the isofix now and let dd2 use it for a few months.

would you let your child near on the limit use one? am i being too hasty?

Hulababy Fri 12-Aug-05 09:06:50

We have two ISOFIX seats for DD.

The first is a normal second stage one - the ISOFIX Duo by Britax. This is from 9 months to about 18kgs/4 years old. It's about £190 in Mothercare, but we only paid £150 from an independent baby shop. Infact on it is down to £130 in one colour!

The second is the Jane Indy Plus ISOFIX car seat. £99, but again we paid less at an independent baby shop. This is like a booster car seat, with a back and side impact supports. It uses the normal car seat belt. Although instructions say from 9 months, I would say better from older than that as no 5 point hardness. DD has used it happily from just over 2.5 yo. This seat is a stage 1-3 (IMO 2-3) car seat and can be used right up to 12yo, as a booster cushion alone later.

NannyL Fri 12-Aug-05 19:10:58

car seats suitable for children up to 18kg are suitable for children up to 18kg (and in reality they have probaby been tested AT LEAST to 20kg, if not higher to protect themselves!)

i would therefor DEFINITELY put her in it until she is 18kg as 'these' type of seats offer far more protection in an accident than other styles of seat without the 5 point harness

In fact the isofox are pretty much as safe as you can get!)

I would move her out of it once she was 18kg tho!

misdee Fri 12-Aug-05 19:14:54

how narrow is the ISOFIX DUO? dd2 will be moving into an ELITE afterwards, as it also has a 5point harness and should (haha) last her till she is 4/5 (altho the website says 6, but she is tall and heavey for her age).

Tabs Fri 12-Aug-05 19:30:21

Evening ladies - can I piggyback a related question onto yours please Misdee?

Have any of you isofix fans used an isofix seat from birth, and if so, can you recommend any particular ones? Haven't seen a whole lot on the market as yet, but have only just starting considering it (baby due next Feb).

Also, how long did they actually stay in it, compared to how long the manufacturers suggest they might?

Hulababy Fri 12-Aug-05 19:38:49

My friends have the Britax Isofix baby car seat. It has a locked in base, and then the carry cot fits on top. they seem very happy with it, and I think we will get that one too if and when we have #2. It is the same size as most first car seats for weight - about 9 months or so.

ghost Sun 14-Aug-05 00:20:45

which printed an upto date crash test on car seat and were at least one from birth isofix car seat, if my memory serves me right. I can have a look for which ones it recommended if you cant lay your hand on a copy. It was reviewed in this july i think

Tabs Sun 14-Aug-05 09:41:48

Thanks Hula - hope you don't have to wait much longer for no 2.

Thanks also ghost - my DH signed up for Which online this week, so I'll get him to have a look on there and see if he can find it.

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