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bebe confort iseos... renault scenic... will it fit?

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starlover Thu 11-Aug-05 12:59:13

does anyone here have a renault scenic and a bebe confort iseos car seat?
i want to get one for ds but not sure if it will fit in the car.
can't find anywhere local that stocks them

bundle Thu 11-Aug-05 13:04:23

don't they have something on their website? I think people like the RAC etc might have that type of info too. we have a scenic and have a britax seat for dd2, one of the older kind, and a sort of booster thing for dd1
a maxi cosi rodi

starlover Thu 11-Aug-05 13:06:43

ahh right will check out RAC site.
just looked on bebe confort site but couldn't find anything. although they do have a LOT of info on car safety!

bundle Thu 11-Aug-05 13:07:04

(kiddicare deliver, or if you live nr peterborough they'll fit it for you)

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