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Anyone know where I can get a nice shaker style patchwork quilt for ds toddler bed.

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Littlestarsweeper Wed 10-Aug-05 20:50:45

I have seen one in the Little Urchins catalogue but at £99 they are having a laugh!

moondog Wed 10-Aug-05 20:56:20

I think Blloming Marvellous,Great Little Trading Company and White Company do them. Probably same price though.

Imake them and believe me,with the amount of work that goes into them,I'd charge a lot more than £99.

Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 20:59:45

My MIL is busy for the next few years designing and making one each for my four children. She is starting with dd and has a fabulous array of beautiful materials lined up. Any chance of doing it yourself? I know my MIL has magazines devoted to the topic of patchwork quilts.

katzguk Wed 10-Aug-05 21:00:40

they had a nice one in the vertbaudet catalogue will go hunting for a link for you

moondog Wed 10-Aug-05 21:07:04

What a lovely woman your mil soundsLM. It is a real labour of love. I've done one for my parents and am working on one for each of my two sisters. (Waiting for the 4 kids of one to cool down a bit first though,they're wild.)

katzguk Wed 10-Aug-05 21:26:54

here you go


katzguk Wed 10-Aug-05 21:28:00

link doesn't work so put product code 2756385 into search box

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 10-Aug-05 22:08:21

I saw some in TK max today, £30 I think.

littleredridinghood Wed 10-Aug-05 22:26:10

so did i twinsetandpearls - extremely gorgeous they are too - couldnt resist buying one £29 - the one i got is very girly though - and dd is only one so no need for it yet but i couldnt resist!

It was only when i got home (and had destroyed the packaging)that i realised that it was made in china - so will now have eternal guilt about children in sweatshops making it

littleredridinghood Wed 10-Aug-05 22:32:11

Sageberrycreek - lots available on ebay too

Littlestarsweeper Thu 11-Aug-05 14:38:59

thanks everyone, just investigating now.

bundle Thu 11-Aug-05 14:44:12


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