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"Sleeping for two" T-Shirt

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flamesparrow Wed 10-Aug-05 17:36:06

Saw a woman on Homebirth Diaries wearing a t-shirt saying "Sleeping for two"... want one!!

Any ideas where from?

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 08:36:14


Twiglett Fri 12-Aug-05 08:38:59

have you tried

Twiglett Fri 12-Aug-05 08:39:17

(I don't know but it sounds like something they'd do)

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 08:45:10

Just gonna look now... Its the kind of thing I'm sure I've seen advertised somewhere, just have no idea where!

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 08:47:42

Not there, but I like lots of stuff there too!

Twiglett Fri 12-Aug-05 10:00:45

I used to have the pregnancy long sleeved t-shirt that said 'it's not over till the fat lady screams'

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