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Fabric cleaner for buggy

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Janie7 Wed 10-Aug-05 16:51:10

Hi,can anyone recomend a fabric cleaner that will remove ice cream stains from my otherwise pristine Jane buggy? Any suggestions gratefully received.

fairydust Wed 10-Aug-05 16:58:06

i'd ring the manufactor and ask them - you'd be surprised how many calls they get like this - better save than sorry

julies11 Thu 11-Aug-05 16:37:28

i dont have this problem mines vynil inside you cant beat it put a plastic sheet over it

Skribble Thu 11-Aug-05 21:27:41

Thers a new multi purpose spray, my MIL uses it for everything swears its great. It comes in a purple bollte I think and says try me on carpets on it.

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