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I want a dining room table in oak with 4 chairs and a bench please

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northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:39:23

Seen one in a home magazine (out of my price range) but not seen any in the shops.

OK, guess it doesn't have to be Oak, but you get my drift.

Anyone any ideas?

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 15:40:28

Why a bench? What sort of bench - with a back or without?

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:41:50

Without a back.

Just saw it in a home mag and it looked gorgeous. I think it will be useful when entertaining family as you can squeeze lots of kids on the bench.

Scatterbrain Wed 10-Aug-05 15:41:56

You could try a pine shop - went to one (hampshire) last weekend and they had loads of oak in - man said oak was the new pine !!

tassis Wed 10-Aug-05 15:44:04

oh, I've seen a great dining table with bench in Lohn Lewis. might be worth a look?

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 15:45:53

Loads of oak at pine solutions lol!

Cam Wed 10-Aug-05 15:46:02

I've recently bought a light oak table for my kitchen with 4 ladderback chairs with leather seats. Its from a range called Old Charm (naff name but fantastic furniture. You can get benches too.

tassis Wed 10-Aug-05 15:48:16

Ok, I can't do links, but the JL one is online and is the maharani range. The wood's not oak but sheesham (???). I've seen this table in RL and it's GORGEOUS.

tassis Wed 10-Aug-05 15:49:05

Ikea also do tables with benches.

Definately good for fitting lots of children on.

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 15:49:32

Doncaster Pine Workshops have some gorgeous oak furniture in. We spent a small fortune on a coffee table, sideboard and TV table.
(see, another reason why Donny is great!)
Bit too far from Harrogate though?

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 15:51:47

this is almost identical to our sideboard

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:53:40

Just had a look at Old Charm - but it's a bit pricy.
Amm off to look at JL website.

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:55:49

Hmm. The Maharani is nice, but not quite waht I'm looking for.

I know in my head what I want! Soething a bit lighter, more contempary rather than traditional.

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 15:58:37

this one is lovely

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:58:39

Look at the Chateau range This is nice but a bit casual.

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 15:59:33

Yes Gingerbear I like that one.

puddle Wed 10-Aug-05 15:59:45

We got an oak table and bench from habitat. Radius range. Not cheap but lovely and robust and the bench does indeed fit lots of children on it.

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 16:01:05

£825 with 6 chairs . No bench though.

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 16:03:05

No bench to go with it though, maybe if you rang them and asked?
(Our Oak table was made to measure from a local pine shop)

florenceuk Wed 10-Aug-05 16:05:44

This is oak: cargo and has matching chairs for £90. Not too badly priced for solid oak.

Or Habitat? they make a solid oak table (Radius) for £550 in a contemporary style, which has a matching bench. You need to search their site to see what I mean.

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 16:12:52

Yeah I really like the Habitat one. Just thinking, if we had a dinner party without kids, I'd have to put adults on the bench. Would that be OK?

puddle Wed 10-Aug-05 16:14:01

Adults sit on the bench in my kitchen quite happily northerner!

Cam Wed 10-Aug-05 16:48:02

Yes I have a dark oak table in my dining room with only 2 benches so everyone has to sit on them (ok I do have 2 chairs which can go at either end in the case of anyone unable/unwilling)

northerner Wed 10-Aug-05 16:50:49

I've just seen a lovely one on the Barker and Stonehouse website

Tinker Wed 10-Aug-05 16:54:09

Laura Ashley sale has 1/2 price furniture - or did last week.

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