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White Bedroom furniture

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Springchicken Wed 10-Aug-05 11:31:18

We are planning on moving DD into her new room soon and i want her to have white but girlie furniture inc. bed, wardrobe, drawers etc.

Any suggestions where i can get these from?

starlover Wed 10-Aug-05 11:31:58

argos? ikea?

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 11:46:34

Wickes have a lovely range. Not sure if you can get free-standing wardrobes though, or matching beds.

Ooooh - lots of ideas here - LX have white with pink heart knobs!

nutcracker Wed 10-Aug-05 11:47:20

Ikea have alovely range and cheap too.

vickiyumyum Wed 10-Aug-05 11:48:02

i like the lx direct ones witht eh pink hearts. how old is she argo have ones in the new catalogue witht he choice of pink or blue teddy bear knobs.

nutcracker Wed 10-Aug-05 11:52:41

ikea ones here

nutcracker Wed 10-Aug-05 11:55:19

Oh sorry link didn't work.

Tha range is Hensvick

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 11:56:58

IKEA links can be funny - see if this works - it's called LO

Oh it does, phew. LOL at a high bed called Lo though!

nutcracker Wed 10-Aug-05 11:57:50

I always have trouble with Ikea links Jan.

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 11:58:46


Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 11:59:42

Yay, found it!

(That page was a very funny one, nutty! )

bubbaloo Wed 10-Aug-05 12:03:53

we looked everywhere to get a reasonably priced white wardrobe for ds and ended up with a lovely one from the boots additions catalogue and it was only £120!

verbaudet also do some lovely childrens furniture and very girly too.


nutcracker Wed 10-Aug-05 12:04:43


RnB Wed 10-Aug-05 12:10:50

Message withdrawn

Springchicken Wed 10-Aug-05 12:16:09

Oh i love the white with hearts

And to kit her whole room out wouldn't be as expensive as i thought. She is 1 btw but planning on moving her next year when hopefully another baby will be on its way. The room is spare at the minute so wanted to sort the furniture out whilst we can afford it

just got to find a nice and not too OTT duvet set, curtains, rug etc.

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 12:19:59

Girls' bedding sets on

(Good site!)

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 12:23:37


katierocket Wed 10-Aug-05 12:26:32

Heals do gorgeous gorgeous white furniture for children

sparklymieow Wed 10-Aug-05 13:03:26

Have just looked at the heart bed and DD1 has decided she wants it for the new house, they don't take my electron card though so will have to ask someone to order it for me and I'll pay them.....

Littlefish Wed 10-Aug-05 13:13:58

Letterbox do some gorgeous bedroom accessories - mirrors, pegs, rugs etc. Boden do lovely bed linen.

Try here for letterbox

MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 13:13:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod Wed 10-Aug-05 13:15:31

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 10-Aug-05 13:16:46

Message withdrawn

Springchicken Thu 11-Aug-05 10:34:34

Lovely cod but waaayyyyyyy out of my price range. As are the ones from The White Company, very similar in style!
Thanks for all your suggestions. Swierfox is drawing DD and tinkerbell piccie for her wall too, getting so excited and she can't even go in there yet

Nbg Thu 11-Aug-05 10:37:43

Have a look on the Mothercare website they have got a gorgeous white furniture set. Bed, wardrobe, dresser and stool.

It's lovely, it has a little heart theme in it.

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