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Has anyone used 'find your child' mobile phone service?

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Aniles Tue 09-Aug-05 18:11:30


Has anyone used this service? Does it work? Is it worth it?

find your child

Aniles Tue 09-Aug-05 19:59:39


Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 22:29:49

I don't use it but it looks a good idea.

Aniles Wed 10-Aug-05 18:10:30

Thanks for your reply Skribble. I take it this service isn't too popular among mners but I've signed up for the free trial. Will let you know how I get on with it

tiffini Wed 10-Aug-05 18:14:12

That is often how they trace emergency calls made by mobiles.

I remember one story of a young girl calling 999 in distress, she did'nt give a location before hanging up, just said she was being attacked.

They traced exactly where she was from her mobile but sadly it was too late when they got there.

MarsLady Wed 10-Aug-05 18:22:06

I'd never heard of the service. Let me know how you get on. DS1 isn't good at calling to let me know that he's going to be late.

Also, let us know if there are any hidden catches!

feelingold Wed 10-Aug-05 19:32:49

My kids are still too young to go anywhere without and adult, but I can imagine it is very good if you have older kids who do go out alone.

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