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Bébé Confort Loola Pushchair

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orangeheart Tue 09-Aug-05 16:42:21

Bébé Confort Loola Pushchair has anyone got one of these? and used the pushchair section from birth?

mandymac Tue 09-Aug-05 18:05:49

We've got one, and only used the carseat attachment for the first few weeks, dd somehow just looked too tiny in the pushchair bit. We have the footmuff for the pushchair, and that seems to make it a better 'fit' for her. Shes now 7 weeks and looks comfortable in the pushchair, although for convenience, I still use the car seat bit mostly as it is easier to carry her up and down our front stairs in this than to lift her out of the pushchair.

I did see conflicting advertising for the pushchair, with some saying suitable from birth and some not. It doesn't go completely flat, but as we have had dd in bouncy chair from a few weeks at the suggestion of MW, I think thats fine.

Also, if you do want to buy this system, the cheapest place I found was online - the glasgow pram centre, we bought basically the whole system except the carry cot and save approx £80 in total. Delivery free over £100 also.

orangeheart Wed 10-Aug-05 08:30:29

thanks for that mandy mac - is the carseat quite flat then?

orangeheart Wed 10-Aug-05 08:37:25

sorry tot be a pain - how flat does the actually seat go? some places say from birth others not

mandymac Wed 10-Aug-05 09:52:26

Hi Orangeheart

Pushchair probably goes to about a 30 degree angle - maybe a bit less and then as baby gets older you can make more upright.

Carseat is design for newborns and is fairly flat, but the recommend max of about 1 and a half hours in it per day, however we have pushed that a bit on long drives - Im not obsessive about it, but we never leave dd in it at home.

Hope that helps.

orangeheart Wed 10-Aug-05 09:55:44

would you personally recomend the pushchair for newborns?

starlover Wed 10-Aug-05 10:23:04

if the seat doesn't go completely flat then i wouldn't use it for a newborn.
newborns should spend as much time as possible lying flat... so no good if you;re on long shopping trips!

diva4mgl Thu 11-Aug-05 00:10:12

hiya, i bought whole bebeconfort loola travel sysytem, spent about 450 pounds
1st carseat creatis is supposed to be light and safe sided for newborn, it has got cusion inside to make the carseat flat when baby is newborn. it was only small handled carseat we found, cause i have small hands, i found some of the carseat`s handle really bulky. its actually really high sided so my dd was really hot and sweaty in it over 1 hour drive, suppose weather was hot this year. i guess its really good in winter.
but dd is now only 4 months old and we bought combination carseat +0+1 already. i bought rain cover for it which never happen to use at all.
ok about pushchair, i like cause it faces both ways. i really doesn`t go flat like others, i used the pushchair since dd was 8 weeks, i bought bowron sheepskin liner on it so she looked better. must say parasol is just waste of time it never stays on. shopping basket is really small, and you can`t have a good access into it. but i love the changing bag. cause it hangs onto the pushchair. its quite big and holds a lot. rain cover is not all over cover so its zips onto the hood. say so not too bad in small shower. i haven`t used the footmuff yet so can`t tell what it is like. its very light and easy to push, but the wheels are small and very city chic pushchair not really for the country walks and off road. also folds very small will fit in any booth. i hope i helped you, any questions just ask? i try to answer as i could. cheers

diva4mgl Thu 11-Aug-05 00:14:53

btw, i would not use it for newborns, i would wait couple weeks. cause it is not flat at all. as mandymac said its about 30 degrees angle. and your baby will just look not right, i don`t know why they advertise since birth.

orangeheart Thu 11-Aug-05 18:51:28

thanks for that info - do you think i'll be able to use a buggy board with it?

diva4mgl Thu 11-Aug-05 22:06:01

def. NO
i forgot to say handles are quite shorty, dh can`t push the pushchair cause he has to do small steps cause the bottom of the pushchair ( the folding bit) is just in front. so i do not think you can attach buggy board in there.
as dh said looks great and good ideas but nit really practical.

diva4mgl Thu 11-Aug-05 22:09:47

must add, i still like it, i have so many com`s from other mothers and strangers how it looked nice and unusual, specialy about carseat creatis clips onto the chassis, it lookes totally different than traditional boxy kind of look.
quite comfy to push around shopping centres and malls. very compact and easy to manuvoeur.
nothing is perfect isn`t it

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