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Why do I have to go to the parcel office to pick up a parcel ...

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fisil Tue 09-Aug-05 14:03:08

... just because the postman couldn't be bothered to ring the bell?


Scatterbrain Tue 09-Aug-05 14:12:24

Oh I wouldn't - I always ring up and request redelivery !! Usually comes next day !

WigWamBam Tue 09-Aug-05 14:13:18

You don't have to. You can return the card telling them when you will be in, or you can ring up and ask them to redeliver.

spursmum Tue 09-Aug-05 14:17:40

My postie has to be worse. She leaves the parcels outside the security door of our flats and doesn't bother to buzz the flat to see if anyones in or tell them that it is there!!
I've lost count how many times we have caught people trying to pinch my neighbours Next parcels.

Hulababy Tue 09-Aug-05 20:46:21

Do you have a 48 hour delay before you can too? And then you have to go between 7:30am and 12 noon only. Really annoys me, especially the 2 day wait thing.

We never get parcels delivered properly here. Looking forward to having a house so I amy get the odd one delivered.

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