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Chocolate fountains. Have you experienced one?

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Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 00:55:08

Might be getting offered job babysitting choclate fountains at functions and wondered what people thought of them.

Does it look as good as it does on the websites?
Did it get all lumpy as bits of food fell in?
Did everyone resist the temptation to stick fingers or other body parts in?
Did you feel it was unhygenic?
Did it get really messy with chocolate drizzeling everywhere?

Maybe I can take it home and set it up to run all day and eat melted chocolate until it comes out my ears! .

SleepyJess Tue 09-Aug-05 00:57:27

Wow! Do chocolate fountains really exist???! I WANT ONE! NOW!!!!

And get the f* back up and post everyone! Why are you all asleep??!!

QueenOfQuotes Tue 09-Aug-05 00:59:11

NOt sleeping - just considering going to bed - have to be up and dressed and ready to sort hymns out at 10am in the morning.....

gingerbear Tue 09-Aug-05 01:01:33

I suspect these things will be hugely popular after the Charlie & Choc factory film. They are even selling Wonka bars in the Co-op now!

Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 01:26:22

Sorry to leave you salavating, I went for a shower.
like this

\{\or this}

Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 01:26:48

Sorry to leave you salavating, I went for a shower.
like this

or this

Hazellnut Tue 09-Aug-05 08:51:53

my brother had one instead of a wedding cake at his wedding last year. Much nicer than fruit cake.... It looked great and everyone loved it. I don't remember any mess/ lumpy bits/ body parts etc but there weren't any children there so that may have helped !! Mind you, I guess there were lots of p*ssed wedding guests.....

basketcase Tue 09-Aug-05 08:59:22

Isn’t there a filter bit so that lumps can’t get back in?
Not sure if I would want one tbh. They look great and I love the concept of it but in reality, warm chocolate recirculating over several hours while people stick stuff into it doesn’t sound very hygienic. Supervised sounds better but still not sure...
God, I am boring at time - I bet I would indulge with a dipped strawberry or two if I saw one.... Scrap the earlier bit - sounds like heaven
could be torturous job though - watching others indulge. Also could be a bit tricky - how would you handle it if you had some tricky customers who got carried away/drunk and wanted to start body dipping etc? corporate parties are only fun if you go home early..? little kids badly supervised by parents wanting to stick hands in and never taking no for an answer?? Not trying to put you off, just see some pit falls with the job? Still, lots of worse jobs out there than babysitting chocolate

snafu Tue 09-Aug-05 09:01:26

Why does this thread title sound terribly rude to me?

Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 09:09:07

been to 2 parties with one of these

both ended in the kids having chocolate fights

much fun

triceratops Tue 09-Aug-05 09:10:24

I have seen one of these on a stand at a fair. It looked great but was behind a screen so no one could stick their fingers in. They were selling strawberry or marshmallow kebabs that had been dipped in and they were doing great business. All the customers looked very sticky afterwards.

I have to admit that I didn't fancy it due to the salmonella issue (salmonella loves warm chocolate) and I am pregnant.

Kayleigh Tue 09-Aug-05 09:11:03

my lovely friend daisydoolittle went to a wedding at the weekend that had a chocolate fountain instead of a cake and she said it was amazing. She hasn't stopped going on about it

Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 21:55:46

Samolnella? How would it get in chocolate, no dipping raw chicken fillets .

I trained as a nursery nurse and worked as a nanny, so I'm not worried about telling others children off. I also have experience of dealing with drunks at functions and corporate do's, so I'm not too bothered about that either. I think once people start getting drunk thats time to pack up.

Of course I will have to test chocolate each time to ensure its OK. There is a filter to stop big bits to getting through but small crumbs can, it won't damage it but spoils the effect. Its not advisable to use crumbly things like cake. It should only be bite size pieces of food on the end of sticks that go in chocolate.

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 21:58:35

lol at the thought of pissed people falling into the chocolate fountain and being chastised by skribble.
(Must happen or they wouldn't need a babysitter eh?)

I saw one in Dubasi and admit that i stuck my little finger in. However,I'm not really a chocolate person so it was all wasted on me.

Now a Margerita fountain..........

basketcase Tue 09-Aug-05 21:58:59

sounds like you have made your mind up skribble
hope you enjoy the job if you do go for it. Mmmm, quite envious really

dropinthe Tue 09-Aug-05 22:00:46

They are absolotely lovely!!(So much,I can no longer spell1)
Have had intercourse with one and they are just too nice for words.
Do it,do it now!!!

Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 22:01:14

its not common but you can get salmonella from chocolate (I googled it)

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 22:01:48

psml drop!

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 22:02:23

I bet that people will try and stick other body parts in as the night unfolds......

dropinthe Tue 09-Aug-05 22:05:25

No,my one stayed clean and lovely and had no undesirable body parts dunked apart from my face!!!

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 22:06:34


I obviously hang out with some very silly people then......

dropinthe Tue 09-Aug-05 22:08:26

Give me a marshmallow NOW!!

Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 22:22:20


I think I will need a ring of bouncers and security barriers, control yourselves people its only chocolate.

dropinthe Tue 09-Aug-05 22:24:00

I was joking-it was AS GOOD as intercourse so an intercourse of kind!!!

Skribble Tue 09-Aug-05 22:33:09

Just thinking I have to take it home afterwards so plenty chance for melted chocolate games .

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