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Lock tite? Houdini Stop? Snug sit? Please come and talk products for stopping toddlers taking their arms out of carseats...

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tassisssss Mon 31-May-10 18:26:59

Dc3 will be 2 on Sat and WON'T keep her arms in the car seat. I've stopped the car countless times in the past months but no matter how tight the straps are she wriggles her arms out. It's doing my head in as I really don't think she'd be safe in a crash.

It appears all the harnesses previously sold my GLTC etc are no longer made. Anyone tried the houdini stop? See I can get on ebay. Or other suggestions of products?

(please don't tell me just to tell her "no"; I've been doing that. this would've worked with my first (possibly my second) but isn't working.)

4andnotout Mon 31-May-10 18:34:48

I'm having exactly the same problem with dd4 who is 19 months, none of the others have ever done it and I'm at a loss of what to buy.

PrettyCandles Mon 31-May-10 18:36:35

Emergency services are not keen on these things because it makes it harder for them to rescue children from cars. All UK carseats undo in essentially the same way, but the 'extras' don't necessarily do so. This complicates things and slows them down.

tassisssss Mon 31-May-10 18:51:40

Yes PC, I can see that. But I think she'd be more badly injured not restrained...hmmm...

tassisssss Mon 31-May-10 21:27:11

wee bump

PrettyCandles Tue 01-Jun-10 01:50:03

True! Had the same problem with ds2. Ended up roaring at him. Eventually he stopped. Mostly.

Rockbird Tue 01-Jun-10 07:23:48

DD has just started again after stopping for nearly a year. I'm at my wits end too. Have even bought a car DVD player in the hope of distracting her (driving up from Cornwall this week) but that's no good for shorter journeys.

TruthSweet Tue 01-Jun-10 18:24:05

You have probably done/read/heard all this before but just in case.

Is DC3 forward or rear facing?

If they are rear facing the harness needs to be coming out of the slots AT or BELOW the shoulders.

If they are forward facing it needs to be the slots AT or ABOVE.

Always pick the closest slot (i.e. don't pick the 2nd slot above the shoulders but the 1st).

As children can slump in their car seat as they get comfortable what may look like the best harness slot may not be later on in a journey.

Also make sure there is no bulky clothing as that can be compressed by the child to allow 'wiggle' room (also can cause ejection in an accident).

Tighten the harness and then adjust/check the hip portion of the harness so there is no slack even if it means checking each side individually and then pulling tight again. DD1 used to have her feet up when I did her harness up and when she put them down, even if I had tightened them as tight as possibly, there was a good 2" or 3" of slack.

Rockbird Tue 01-Jun-10 20:18:54

Thanks for that TS, that's really useful, will use it as a checklist when I strap Houdini in!

TruthSweet Tue 01-Jun-10 20:22:08

If all that fails then duct tape and a staple gun should do it grin

DanJARMouse Tue 01-Jun-10 20:22:27

the ONLY thing that worked for us was this

it replaces the usual shoulder pads, but has the clip so the child cant wriggle their arms out.

we have had it just over a year now and it has saved so many stresses.

worth its money in gold!

SwansEatQuince Tue 01-Jun-10 20:23:34

Does anyone know the name of the clip that was invented by a chap who went on Dragon's Den? The poor man died the following year but had invented a simple strappy thing to stop children escaping.

Our toddler escapes quickly and climbs out of the seat.

tassisssss Wed 02-Jun-10 13:59:47

I have ordered a new Houdini Stop (from New Zealand) for under a tenner on ebay (incl postage). Will update when it arrives.

moonbells Wed 14-Jul-10 09:31:49

This issue is a really sticky one. Apparently EU regulations forbid the use of a strap across the chest (this was found on a previous MN posting) as emergency services have to be able to release seat clips in one motion. Probably why all the EU/UK things being talked about here have vanished from sale.

Oddly they don't say how many children are in danger through being in just the lap parts of their harnesses, esp as these are usually loose once the shoulder straps have been escaped.

The US, Australia and NZ don't seem to worry about this, and chest straps are on a lot of car seats.

I have a small 2.8yo Houdini, and am always trying to reason with him to put the straps back on. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Then I have to stop the car and have a fight with a (by now) tantrum monster who does not want the straps back on under any circumstances.

has recommendations but honestly, do they think an 18-30 month-old will listen to reason? sigh

wonka Sun 01-Aug-10 14:13:59

I ended up replacing our car seat as my little houdini worked out that once his arms were free he could make the leg straps loose and 'visited' me in the front on the motorway blush
We got the cybex palas from M&P, we were lucky and got the ex display last season colours (who cares?) for half the normal retail..
But he loves it he can move his sholders and arms about as he likes and it is completely escape proof!
Its also a 9 month to 12 year so I won't need to worry about getting another.

theames Mon 11-Oct-10 12:18:55

Message deleted

Rockbird Mon 11-Oct-10 12:46:50

I bought one a while back and have used it twice. DD was furious and stopped moving her arms out so I only used it the once. Then last week she'd obviously forgotten about it because she started getting her arms out again so on it went. She was livid and screamed the entire (short) journey so hopefully the threat of it will be enough for a while again! Very very good product though.

theames Sun 24-Oct-10 19:50:16

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

EJ123 Sat 06-Nov-10 23:56:50

I got mine from this ebay seller, good price and quick delivery em=220686512713

cupcake75 Sun 07-Nov-10 13:28:53

I have a Houdini Stop and it is great. Also would be very easy to get off in case of an accident as it is a very simple clip. Wouldn't confuse anybody.

EJ123 Sun 19-Dec-10 20:04:54 em=220713150158

theames Tue 04-Jan-11 20:31:11

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

bcnd Thu 20-Jan-11 04:39:42

Those houdini stops are brilliant. They go on most carseats and they don't seem to annoy the kids like the big bulky ones that can come with some seats

moajab Mon 01-Aug-11 12:23:40

Just bumping this to see if anyone has any more experiences (good or bad) of this before I buy one. DS3 will never keep his arms in his straps. No matter how tight they are he will get them out somehow and if they aren't tight he gets them out straight away. We have a long journey coming up with lots of motorway driving and I'm terrified off an accident with him not properly restrained. I would love to be able to explain to him how important seat belts are, but he's 2 1/2 and his communication skills are very limited so there's no chance he will listen to reason. So do people who have these recommend them? And has anyone had any experience of being in an accident with one of these on and the emergency services struggling with it?

Smiffler Mon 01-Aug-11 20:35:19

SO pleased you bumped this today!! I had more than a little shock when my son decided to try and 'join me in the front' on an A road this evening after buying a new car seat last week (Britax evolva 1-2-3 plus) I'm looking at getting a houdini - as apparently it's a simple 'one handed process' to undo them - should the emergency services need to? My problem is him pressing the red button too now though?!?!?

Any ideas on how i can get him to stop that - I've tried telling him the policeman will tell mummy off - his response 'and daddy tell you off too Mummy'.... Hmmm.. Don't think that works...

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