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"My Rice Krispies made me do it" .....

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Carla Sun 07-Aug-05 12:42:05

Had a catalogue a few months ago with a sweatshirt with this on it. If I'd been wise I'd have kept it, as it would have been an apt b'day present for dd1 who's 7 next week.

It's a long shot, I know, but has anyone else seen it?


beep Sun 07-Aug-05 12:47:03


Carla Sun 07-Aug-05 16:58:18

beep, THANK YOU sooo much! How on earth did you find it? I googled but drew a blank.

They're only open during office hours, but I reckon if I order it tomorrow morning, it should be here by Thursday.

Again ... Thank You! Who needs the internet when we've got Mumsnet

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