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Outlook buggy-snugs

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bran Sat 06-Aug-05 12:56:14

Does anyone have one of these? Are you happy with it?

I'm thinking of getting one to use with my Volo but I'm not convinced that it will still fold with the snug fitted as they say it will. They look much warmer than the conventional cosy-toes as they close right up to the neck, but if the fabric is thin enough to allow the buggy to fold will it be warm enough?

I'm not really sure why I'm looking at snugs in August, I'm either very organised (unlikely) or very depressed by this year's summer weather.

fairydust Sat 06-Aug-05 12:59:18

they look really warm and comfy but look very long for a normal umbrella fold buggy

bran Sat 06-Aug-05 14:37:46

Yeah, it does look quite long, I was hoping that the bottom flap is adjustable so that the whole thing doesn't trail on the ground.

I haven't seen them before, so perhaps they're new and no-one in the UK had them last winter, in which case perhaps there might be some antipodean mumsnetters using them now.

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