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Anyone have a sleeping bag pattern?

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bettys Sun 06-Jul-03 09:26:28

My nearly 4 ds, having stopped using one for a while now wants one again. He's a terrible wriggler and duvets & sheets always come off in the night. I've looked at who seem to be the only ones who do age 3-6 years, and their designs are all too babyish (and very expensive) considering it might be a temporary phase.
Has anyone made their own?

whymummy Sun 06-Jul-03 09:32:17

my mum makes them for babies,i could ask her if she can make you one or give me the pattern if you want to have a go yourself

bettys Sun 06-Jul-03 09:53:26

Wow that was quick! I could make it myself. Would the pattern go up to age 4?

whymummy Sun 06-Jul-03 10:11:52

i`m sure she can do a pattern for 4 or 5,i`ll ask her tonight

Chinchilla Sun 06-Jul-03 11:12:59

I'd love on too, if that's alright. My ds is two, and we need to buy a couple more, as he is growing out of his current ones. I begrudge paying that sort of money, because they must be so easy to make.

bettys Sun 06-Jul-03 22:14:28

That's brilliant whymummy, would be very grateful if it's possible. Now I just have to find some material with rockets/Thunderbirds on (!)

whymummy Sun 06-Jul-03 22:39:35

no problem bettys,she phoned me this morning and i told her,chinchilla i`ll ask her for another one for a 2-3 year old?as soon as i get them i`ll let you know so i can get your adresses

suzyj Mon 07-Jul-03 08:38:16

Ooohh, please could you let me know too? I'd like some 2-3 sized ones cos dd is big and a wriggler! Thanks so so much, this would really help right now.

bettys Mon 07-Jul-03 10:10:26

And I thought I was the only one mad enough to try and make one! Thanks very much for this, whymummy.

whymummy Mon 07-Jul-03 10:26:53

it`s fine!!suzy maybe chinchilla can pass her on to you when she`s done hers!would that be ok chinchilla?i could turn this into a bussiness

Chinchilla Mon 07-Jul-03 19:18:14

No problem Whymummy. I'll copy it and pass it on. Thanks very much, it's really sweet of you. Dh can only be pleased with me, saving the exorbitant cost of two grobags!

whymummy Mon 07-Jul-03 21:44:41

great!she`s sending them tomorrow so it takes 3 or 4 days for a parcel to arrive from spain by "el snail mailo",i`ll let you know as soon as it gets here

suzyj Mon 07-Jul-03 21:45:33

Thanks chinchilla and whymummy (and whygranny!). How will you know how to send it to me? (mumsnet still-kinda-newbie...)

Have lots of lovely material stored up from other projects that never quite happened, am determined to do this one cos we need a summer-weight one especially, to take on hols.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Chinchilla Mon 07-Jul-03 21:49:28

Suzyj - I'll contact you via the 'contact another Mumsnetter' option, and get your address. I presume Whymummy will do the same?! Thanks Whymummy - at least dh won't be able to moan about the expense, as I'll have saved him/us about £30! (See my recent 'shopping bill' posting!)

whymummy Wed 09-Jul-03 12:25:51

hi everyone,we have a slight problem,my mum thought the patterns were for the same person so she`s done them both on the same paper,silly whygranny!so i can ask her to do the 2-3 year old one again or betty could send it to chinchilla when she`s finished,we can play "pass the pattern"let me know what you all think,betty if you don`t plan on doing yours for a while i`ll ask her for the other

bettys Wed 09-Jul-03 13:12:01

I'm happy to send the pattern on to Chinchilla - I need to do mine very soon as ds is so big for his old one he has burst the zip. Shall I send you my address via the contact another member?
And a big thank-you to whygranny for being so prompt.

whymummy Wed 09-Jul-03 13:25:57

yes,send me your address via contact another member and as soon as they arrive i`ll send them to you

whymummy Thu 10-Jul-03 11:11:30

bettys,the pattern arrived this morning and i`ve sent it to you already so you might get it tomorrow,i hope is ok but if you have any questions let me know and i`ll ask whygranny!

Chinchilla Thu 10-Jul-03 22:47:21

bettys - let me know when you need my address.

bettys Thu 10-Jul-03 22:54:50

Efficient or what! Ok, will contact you when I need you address Chinchilla.

suzyj Fri 11-Jul-03 10:26:29

This is so cool! Feel all virtuous and homespun. Look forward to hearing from you, Chinchilla

bettys Wed 16-Jul-03 08:44:41

Pattern's arrived, thanks whymummy, will send it on to chinchilla in a couple of days. Cheers

whymummy Mon 21-Jul-03 17:34:19

i missed this message bettys,is it ok?

bettys Fri 25-Jul-03 22:00:52

Sorry whymummy for late reply (been away). Yes, it's fine thank you! Am sending it on to chinchilla. Isn't Mumsnet great?

Chinchilla Fri 25-Jul-03 22:05:41

Suzyj - will send it when I have received and copied it. Bettys has sent it to me today. Whymummy - you're a star!

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