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Lights Out

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hunkermunker Wed 03-Aug-05 13:33:18

Anyone know where I can get one of these? It's a handheld game and the idea is you turn the lights out. Will dig up a pic if nobody knows what I'm on about!

dizzymama Wed 03-Aug-05 13:53:46

I've got one of those!! I'm afraid I bought it around 12 years ago on a sealink ferry though - not excessively helpful...sorry

hunkermunker Wed 03-Aug-05 15:33:46

Strangely addictive... We have one, but the battery leaked and it's gone wonky

dizzymama Wed 03-Aug-05 16:16:39

Know what you mean about addicitive, but doesn't that bloomin' beeping 'music' drive you mad?!
Check out ebay, they often have them

dizzymama Wed 03-Aug-05 16:18:14

Oooo yes, just checked out for you and they have a few! Under toys and games search for lights out!

hunkermunker Wed 03-Aug-05 16:20:23

Will do! Thank you!

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