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Nursing Pillows

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Frogling Sat 05-Jul-03 17:14:16

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good pillow to use for breastfeeding? I have seen several (including ones from Grobag), but am confused as to sizes, etc. Some of them look too small to be of much use, while others look so big you could fit several babies on them at a time. Help!

Firstbump Sat 05-Jul-03 17:57:45

There is already a thread on this subject and the general advice was to get the pillow from Argos at £6.99. I have bought one and its great for suport not only when sitting but when laying on your side. I have a week to go so cannot comment on how good it will be for breast feeding but others thought it was good. Hope that helps.

Tissy Sat 05-Jul-03 19:57:10

Hi, Frogling, I got the one from Grobag, and it's absolutely great! It rather depends what you want to use it for (just breastfeeding or supporting you pre-delivery?). I wouldn't get the enormous one if it's just for feeding. I like the bean-bag filling, found it a lot more comfortable and flexible than a blow-up one, but then I barely went out of the house for three months after dd was born, so didn't have to take it anywhere.


Bobsmum Sat 05-Jul-03 20:22:02

I got mine from Tchibo (the coffee shop and shopping place) for £19.99. It's got a washable cover and bean bag insides. I took it everywhere (within reason!). I couldn't have breastfed after a c-section without it.
breastfeeding pillow
They change their stock every few weeks though so it's only available at certain times of the year (bizarre).

Gem13 Sat 05-Jul-03 20:29:03

I bought a £30 (?) big bean bag filled one and never managed to use it comfortably - for feeding or sitting. The crunchy noise of the beans irritated me (but then so did a lot of things at that time!)

Bought the Argos one and used it all the time. It was great for sleeping in the latter stages of pregnancy when it is useful to have under your leg when sleeping on your side. Think it was good for feeding too but I can't really remember.

MrsS Sat 05-Jul-03 20:37:51

I bought the Argos one two years ago for my first baby and am using it now for no. 2. It's great for both breastfeeding and supporting your back if you want to sit up in bed. The cover is removeable and washable. Don't be put off because its so cheap.

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