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CLARKS ......What do you think ??

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nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 19:08:04

Took Dd2 to Clarks today and the lady measured her feet as a 10 1/2 F.

She brought out 3 pairs of shoes and Dd picked her favourite. The lady checked them by pressing on them at ther front, watched Dd walk up and down in them and said they were fine, so I brought them.

About 10 minutes later (on our way home), Dd said she thought the shoes were actually a bit tight.

Me, my mom and my dp have since checked them on Dd and they do seem to have no growing room in them what so ever. When you push your thumb into the front of the shoe, you hit Dd's toes.

I am right then in taking them back and asking for them to be re checked aren't I ?? and if they are to small getting them changed ??

Distel Tue 02-Aug-05 19:09:56

I would. As long as you have the reciept to show that you only bought them today, I don't see how they can refuse.

anchovies Tue 02-Aug-05 19:11:04

Totally, the same thing happened to us and they were fine about changing them, in fact they were quite embarrassed.

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 19:11:12

I can't understand how the lady checked them and thought they were ok really.

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 19:16:16

The most shocking thing is that the woman who checked them was the trainer for the other fitters.

Will take them back on Saturday and ask them to re check and change.

lilaclotus Tue 02-Aug-05 19:20:07

i had the opposite happen a few weeks ago. DD was given shoes that were way too big. i took them back and got a full refund. she now has a pair of clarks trainers which fit really well.

KBear Tue 02-Aug-05 19:22:50

I've done this and they took them back no problem - Clarks measure my children's feet different depending what shop you go to. I trust my judgement now not theirs!

daisy1999 Tue 02-Aug-05 19:24:39

we had a pair that my dd wore for three days before I noticed they were making red marks on her feet. I took them back and asked for them to remeasure, they did and gave us another pair without any problem. As they measure them they are responsible for them if there is a problem imho.

makealist Tue 02-Aug-05 19:29:32

I personally found that Clarks tended to fit shoes for "right now" with never any growing room,and stopped going there with ds1.
7 years later I took ds2 to Clarks (different Clark shops as well) and once again they seemed to fit them with no growing room, so we went else where

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 19:54:57

Well i think if they insist that they are right I will have to ask for a refund and go elsewhere.

gigglinggoblin Tue 02-Aug-05 20:02:00

i dont go to clarks cos i think they rip you off by selling shoes too small.

when ds1 got his first pair of shoes, mil took him in and had him fitted and came away with a pair size 5.5. as he wasnt walking i wouldnt let him wear them, but took him to get him measured when he was ready a few months later - and he was size 5! i told the woman he had previously been 5.5 and she remeasured and decided he was 5.5.

they were either incompetent or trying to squeeze as much montey out of the customer as poss. my mum said when i was little they also tried to sell her a pair of shoes way too small for me and a friend of mine who worked there said there was tremendous pressure on the staff to sell extras and their targets are really high.

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 20:17:37

I'm not sure where else to go though.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 02-Aug-05 20:20:03

we've now had crawling shoes and cruising shoes from clarkes and NO problems whatsoever!

The first pair were a 3.5F at the beginning of June and we took her on saturday, and although measured as 3.5G once shoes were on, were quite tight, tried the 4G and they are perfect for her, a nice amount of growing room.

Only other place i can think of is Startrite, if you have one.....

littleredridinghood Tue 02-Aug-05 20:20:49

My ds was also fitted with too small shoes in clarks! - I much prefer Johnlewis - I have bought four pairs for ds there and have never had a problem

littleredridinghood Tue 02-Aug-05 20:21:59

I should have added that ds has always had clarks shoes but i have always bought them at JL - I like the shoes, I dont like the shops!

anchovies Tue 02-Aug-05 20:24:30

Have you got any local independant shoe shops near you? We have one that does clarks and startrite etc but are all very well trained. Took ds for new shoes there today and was very embarrassed when the lady measuring his feet started laughing about the fact she did my shoes when I was little and I always used to cry cos I couldn't have the ones with the key in the sole! She must be ancient to have fitted my shoes 25 years ago! Nice to have someone you can trust so much though.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 02-Aug-05 20:25:36

im not the only one who was never allowed the "key" shoes!!!! YAY!!!!

Furball Tue 02-Aug-05 20:32:36


Russell and Bromley

Jones the Bootmaker

Can't think of anymore of the top of my head. There must be one by you - where are you?

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 20:34:04

Oh thanks Furball

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 20:35:37

I am in Birmingham

Socci Tue 02-Aug-05 20:38:25

Message withdrawn

ionaming Tue 02-Aug-05 23:13:58

I prefer Clarks shoes but prefer the fitters from startrite. Shame you can't buy Clarks shoes in a Startrite shop really . Twice in the past, clarks couldn't find anything to fit dd, so went to Startrite, but found their shoes not very robust & also found the insoles ended up all bumpy with lots of grit under them after only a few days. Clarks have got a great sale on at the moment......found some doodles 1/2 size up from dd's current size of 8E for only £2. Then got her measured & found she'd gone up to size 9E .... and, of course, no doddles in the sale in size 9E! Iona x

WestCountryLass Tue 02-Aug-05 23:14:18

I think Clarks is crap! DS has narrow feet and they would always say he was a size E but they never had a E fitting so would say it didn't matter and he could have an F - WTF? Went to get DDs feet measured for her first pair of shoes, same thing, he is an E but we don't have any so they said an F would do, had no Fs either so said a G would fit - whats that about then?????

lockets Tue 02-Aug-05 23:22:57

Message withdrawn

colditz Tue 02-Aug-05 23:37:35

I have only ever found one pair of Clark's shoes that fit my ds's H fitting feet, he has been through two pairs, and will be getting another come Autumn!

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