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So who actually owns a Mutsy then?! (yoohoo Hellsy!)

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Tabs Tue 02-Aug-05 16:48:59

Have started to research pushchairs for my first born due next Feb, and think we've narrowed it down to a choice between the Mountain Buggy and a Mutsy.

Having spent the weekend trawling through the extensive posts on here from the MB fan club, I sadly struggled to find many comments from Mutsy owners.

Hellsy - you're the only person I could find who'd actually posted to say that you have one. Would love to know more about what sort of off-roading you've done with it, and whether it has the capability to adapt in some way to more than 1 child? Love the idea of the 4 wheeler with the new changeable wheels that make it even more flexible (only came out a couple of weeks ago apparently). Also interested to hear if you find it noticeably heavy to load in/out of cars, and if the width is a problem in shops?

Given that it's rated highly in the MN list of top prams, there must be some more of you out there who own one and can give some feedback too.


Tabs Tue 02-Aug-05 17:53:40

Somebody must surely!

NomDePlume Tue 02-Aug-05 17:54:27

I haven't got one, nor do I have the need for one, but I have to say that I think they look great !

Tabs Tue 02-Aug-05 20:40:23

Couldn't agree with you more NomDePlume, and they feel really robust and seemed to wheel really well in the shop too.

ionaming Tue 02-Aug-05 22:51:30

I had the mutsy on my list & went to look at one in a local shop. 'Fraid it put me off - it was HUGE! Really wide, very heavy, pathetic shopping basket, took up all my boot (& had to remove parcel shelf).... nice to push though & looked good! At the time, I was also put off by eBay as there seemed to be a fair few of them for sale which were only a few months old & it made me wonder why people were selling them on so soon? Sorry to be negative, but if you don't mind the size & have a large car, then it might suit you?

Iona x

Tabs Tue 02-Aug-05 22:57:53

Thanks Iona - unfortunately it looks like we'll be stuck with the size either way, as the Mountain Buggy is even wider!! It is much heavier than the MB though, which is why I'm keen to find out how people have found the weight in day to day use. Thankfully I have an A6 Avant, so the boot size isn't an issue (though other car is a convertible which we might struggle for boot space in).

What did you go for instead? Was off roading important to you?

ionaming Tue 02-Aug-05 23:28:17

Hi Tabs, My first pushchair was a graco travel system which was fine for the first few months but too bulky, rattled like mad on bumpy ground & took up all my boot. Searched around forever for the "perfect" buggy but eventually realised that there was no such thing ended up with 2 !!! We have the little Maclaren Techno for round the shops......and a proper lightweight 3 wheeler (called a cycle design runalong lite or something!) for off-roading. It's fab to push & great off-road.....and rattle/squeak free too! It's also as light as the maclaren which most of the 3 wheelers in the shops aren't. However, it is crap round the shops as it is quite long & a fair bit wider than the maclaren! Bought it off eBay - original owner had imported it from the USA coz couldn't find anything similiar here. I think when we have another baby I will either go for the loola or the First wheels city elite (bugaboo clone but cheaper!) as I really fancy something with a carrycot and also a buggy that faces both ways this time.... but will keep my off-roader too! Good luck with your hunting...... Iona x

Tabs Fri 05-Aug-05 10:50:50


Tabs Mon 08-Aug-05 12:50:28


RosiePosie Mon 08-Aug-05 12:59:25

I was interested in the mutsy, mainly for the duo seat that will be available here later in the year. I saw one when I was out and about though, and it looked absolutely HUGE, which put me off totally. It looked very wide, very big and bulky.

orangeheart Mon 08-Aug-05 13:52:52

anyone have any more info on the duo seat - does the urban rider take a carseat and the duo seat doea anyone know???

RosiePosie Mon 08-Aug-05 14:21:34

Sorry, I can't do links. Scroll about a third of the way down. The four wheel chassis takes it, but not the three wheeled. I'm sure somewhere else was selling them too, but I googled and can't find it now.

orangeheart Mon 08-Aug-05 14:31:21

do you know if it'll take a duo seat and a carseat??

BarefootMama Mon 08-Aug-05 14:54:41

just not sure about mutsy - when not in carrycot mode it looks very exposed!

RosiePosie Mon 08-Aug-05 15:06:14

Seperately yes, Orangeheart - but not at the same time, I don't think. Is that what you meant?

orangeheart Mon 08-Aug-05 17:17:29

yes rosie - i wondered if i could have a newborn in the carseat and dd in the front

RosiePosie Mon 08-Aug-05 17:25:03

I don't know, there is very little information available about the duo seat at the moment - I guess when it's actually available here, the retailers will be able to tell you more. I don't even know if the duoseat is suitable from birth. Mutsy have their own website, but I didn't find it very helpful - lots of stylish graphics etc, but not much actual information.

orangeheart Mon 08-Aug-05 17:26:44

yep i've just found the offical website and love the look of it - here's hoping it's sutiable for a newborn in the rear.

I've emailed mutsy to ask them - also emailed glasgow pram centre as they say the seat is availble from septemver / octover

Tabs Mon 08-Aug-05 18:05:55

orangheart - kiddicare also stock the Mutsy, and the guy I spoke to there was very helpful and knowlegeable. Sadly I didn't think to ask him about how you cope with more than 1 child, but I'd really like to know the answer, as the only option with a mountain buggy is to get a buggy board (or buy a double one!). Do let us know when you hear back won't you?

RosiePosie - I agree that the Mutsy does look wide, but it's no wider than the MB, so it seems that if I want a really sturdy off-roader then I just have to accept this.

And it does come in a lovely range of colours .

starlover Mon 08-Aug-05 18:20:43

tabs... i was going to get one... tried it in shop and really liked it
but have now opted for i'coo platon 4 air.

much much nicer! lol

Tabs Mon 08-Aug-05 18:48:20

Starlover - tell me what's better about the I'coo? It's not one that I've looked at. How is it off road? How big is the basket? How heavy is it? How many wheels? Tell me all!!

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 15:55:06

it#s here

style-wise i like the mutsy better... looks much more simple.

but the i'coo has a MUCH bigger shoppping basket... the wheels are less plasticy looking... the seat is bigger (still reversible though)
it has fantastic suspension on it.

it also still has the one hand adjustable height on the handle like the mutsy, and is steerable too.

it IS more expensive. right now i am trying to get kiddicare to price match this one so that i can get it for the cheaper price. i would just order it from preciouslittleone but can't find anyone who has ever used them so a bit dubious!

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 15:58:11

scrap that... just got the e-mail from kiddicare to say they have dropped their price to £289.99 online!!! it was £419.99 yesterday before i mailed them!! wooo hoooooo

Tabs Tue 09-Aug-05 17:18:43

Is your baby already here starlover? I've still got plenty of time before mine arrives, so I'd love to hear what you think of it for off-roading once you have it. I live in the middle of nowhere, so need something that will handle bridleways at least as well as shopping centres!!

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 17:36:20

yeah. i am just getting kiddicare to pricematch the footmuff as well!
will definitely update you once we have it.

i tried out the 3 wheel version in mothercare in bluewater and it seems pretty good (although hard to tell off-road capability there!)

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