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Mosquito repellent - recommendations please

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dizzydo Mon 01-Aug-05 12:08:16

We are going to Turkey next week and as we are by the river there will be loads of mozzies. Last time my DD (aged 8) got really badly bitten because due to her eczma she could not bear the repellent spray on her skin. She just used to scream because it stung so badly. I really dont want to go through that again.

Can anyone recommend an effective repellant suitable for eczma sufferers please?

fqueenzebra Tue 02-Aug-05 04:19:18

I don't know about eczema, but this is worth a bump.
As a pure guess...I would have thought that any mozzy repeleent would be ok, but I like Mozzyguard because it's citronella (not DEET) based, I think Boots might stock it. Don't know if DEET affects eczema, but it's mildly toxic (dangerous to use if you are pregnant) so I felt happier with the Mozziguard (sorry if I got spelling wrong!).

fqueenzebra Tue 02-Aug-05 04:21:23

ps: idea, if you cat me, I may be able to can send you a an old (almost empty) can i have of mosiguard, you can try it for free to see if it irritates her eczema.

Otherwise, could she wear long sleeves and just apply stuff sparingly on exposed skin?

Faff, I know, I had to do this when I was pregnant and working in woodlands (I suffer badly from midge bites).

fqueenzebra Tue 02-Aug-05 09:00:10

bumping for you dizzydo, must be someone who can advise.

dizzydo Tue 02-Aug-05 11:01:13

fqueenzebra. Thank you so much for the offer. That is really kind of you. I think as we are going in a couple of days I will just buy some mozzyguard because I can always use it on the rest of us. DD also, like you, reacts really badly to the bites and they come up in whacking great lumps which is why I want to make sure I limit the amount she gets if at all possible.

Anyone else???

dizzydo Tue 02-Aug-05 11:02:02

by the way fqueenzebra - is the mozzyguard effective and how often do you have to apply?

gingerbear Tue 02-Aug-05 11:17:37

I have used mozziguard in Asia and it is very good, smells nice and lemony too. The stick and cream are better than the spray IMO.
Use a plug in thingy at night in the room .
Don't forget some Antisan too to treat bites.

gingerbear Tue 02-Aug-05 11:20:14

or this one has oils in that are also used for exzema treatment

fqueenzebra Tue 02-Aug-05 12:58:34

The mosiguard seems pretty effective, but you have to reapply ever 3 hours or so, I suppose. I actually find the scent quite annoying, but far less annoying than bites. I come up in wacking great big welts from midge and flea bites. These welts irritate me and last for about a week normally. But mozzie bites don't bother me at all (even if they bite, they don't swell or barely itch). Go figure!

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