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Need help to find..............

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bonkerz Sun 31-Jul-05 18:45:47

Ok i need mumsnetters help to find the covers for a moses basket. Got mine out of the loft today and all the frilly bits and hood coverings have gone (does that make sense?) The moses basket is fine and so is the mattress but i have nothing to dress it with! Has to be cheap cos i can get a new basket and covers for £30 but want to use the one i have for sentimental reasons!! Help please cos i dont want to ask DH to go back in the loft!!!

Fran1 Sun 31-Jul-05 18:56:30

Do you need the hood and frilly bits? I always thought they looked bit awful anyway.

bonkerz Sun 31-Jul-05 18:57:08

it just looks so bare without really, not into frills but needs hood and cover.

bonkerz Sun 31-Jul-05 19:01:47

have looked on ebay but am cautious even if they say they come from a smoke free environment! am i being silly? I just cant find anything. Should i just go for a new one?

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 31-Jul-05 19:05:24

If they say they come from SFE and you are vaguley suspo, you could always wash them, and then wash them and then if you wern't sure, you could wash them again.

bubblerock Sun 31-Jul-05 19:09:02

Might be easier and cheaper to buy a new one Moses Basket You could always sell yours as it is at a boot sale to recoup some of the money.

SoupDragon Sun 31-Jul-05 19:30:50

Can you sew at all?

geogteach Sun 31-Jul-05 19:32:49

My mum made ours, same basket me and my siblings had!

bonkerz Sun 31-Jul-05 19:42:17

Unfortunatley i cant sew!! Thanks for that one bubblerock, did see that and said to Dh about it! Just seems a shame to not use the moses basket i already have cos it has been used for my ds and my nephews!!

ionaming Tue 02-Aug-05 23:06:48

Keep seeing similar requests Bonkerz, so thought I dig out some details of a lady I've used twice in the past to make me some new covers. Her name is Muriel Arthur & she runs a company called Cosy Tots. Email is or her phone number is 0191 416 7639. She's fab, very friendly & reasonable prices. She made the liner/drapey thingy for me that goes under the mattress & then drapes over the side. Also, some fitted sheets & little quilt cover thingy. Didn't want a hood, but she can probably turn her hand to that too. I found her invaluable for making fitted sheets for an odd sized cot too She sends you diagrams & gets you to measure your basket at various points & mark these on the diagrams & post back to her. She also sends you different fabric samples to choose from. Couldn't recommend her highly enough! Like you, I wanted to use my original moses.....coz it's so much nicer, bigger & sturdier than the flimsy ones you tend to see in the shops! HTH, Iona x

ionaming Thu 04-Aug-05 10:42:53

Bump for Bonkerz

SoupDragon Thu 04-Aug-05 10:47:26

Someone on MN either made a pattern or made the covers for another MNer once in the dim distant past...

ionaming Sat 06-Aug-05 11:30:37


mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 12:27:14


mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 15:12:24

any use?

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 15:13:46

covers etc

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